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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Nola, baby! Part 6

So, this was Sunday. We ate. We watched this band in Jackson Square. The Food Pimp kept mentioning how the level of musicianship of the street music seems to have improved since we lived there. Back in the day, there were a lot of not so great people on the streets playing music. Now, they all seem to be really good musicians.

So, we went back to the hotel. I think I had to help the FA with his flyer again. I kinda just showed him the same thing over again. Why wouldn't he just tell me what he wanted and let me show him how to make it and have it done with? It seems like the kind of thing maybe his secretary should have been doing for him? What do I know. I'm not a business man. Unless you count funny business, or the monkey business as a legit business.

Anyhoo, we went up to the patio pool area and had some drinks. This is funny to me because there were some drinks in the suite still, some beer, maybe some wine, yet we were ordering from the bar up there. Granted, I don't think the beer was chilled.

So then our friend came by, I don't remember if she had a previous alias, but we'll call her Ms. Nola. She brought her little 14 day bundle of joy. Everyone watched me hold her - the baby, that is - thinking that this thing would want the FP and I to run back to our hotel room and make one on the spot. Not! I liked her and she was warm and quiet, but I don't know. I heard that they cost money. And that you can't really leave them alone in their crib for 5 hours while you're at the bar! Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Anyway, that night was Sunday night. Steelers game. The FP had made plans to meet some peeps at Ryan's Bar, so we were kinda running short on dinner time. I wasn't really hungry anyway. All this damn food was really fillin me up.

So we decided on Desire. It was down the street and always dependable. So we got there and were seated at a round table. Our server happened to be CMG's (Cuban Musical Genius, formerly known as Cuban White Sauce) sister. So that was a surprise. It was weird to see her in a server uniform. She's crazy in a fun way, but she also knows how to be a very professional waiter as well.

So we were gonna knock this one out of the park. The food here was pretty consistent. So the Food Pimp got the crawfish etouffee and I got the jambalaya. Now I know the jambalaya here was a little whack, but it was always good. Everyone else got like soup and salad I believe, nothing exciting. So the FP was very agitated and antsy because he was just wanting to get dinner over and go watch the kickoff. If he did not make it to Ryan's before the game started he would not be a happy camper... he hates camping anyway. If you know him personally, you'd never picture him camping.

Anyway, we were sitting waiting. VD was pretty talky. She was kinda bugging her hubby. Then I realized she was kinda trashed. She had been steadily drinking since probably 2 pm, so yeah. She was telling him what to order, asking him if he wanted this or that...and so on. I think she was drinking a vodka tonic at dinner. A table next to us was getting their food. It was a big pile o fried seafood. So I watched everyone at the table as their head turned and they ogled the platter. So VD stopped CMG and asked her what that was, and of course she was like, the seafood platter (like, what else would it be). So VD asks to change her order, like not get gumbo or something and get the seafood platter instead. And FA was totally excited, he said, we can share it - because of course, VD went on about how she wouldn't be able to finish it alone. As if. I mean the way everyone's eyes lit up it was like a Christmas tree. Obviously, everyone was going to dig into the leaning tower of fried crunchy looziana seafood!

So when everyone's soup or salad came, CMG's sis was nice and brought the FP and I a crawfish bisque.

Which was really yummsies as the FP would say. He's been saying yummsies. He really needs to stop. Cause I don't want to start saying that shit! Anyhoo, the bisque was buttery and crawfishy and velvetty. SPR and FA also got 2 dozen oysters, so we ate a couple. These were not nearly as good as at Acme. They seemed to be preshucked. Although you see the guy at the oyster bar shucking, they must keep ahead. These were not really cold, and not so plump, as if some of the juices had drained out of them. I'm not saying they were hot and anorexic like... Isabelle Caro (yeah, I had to look that one up - I don't follow the fashion world. I was going to say Kate Moss, but she's outdated, right?) Anyway, the ersters jus wern as darn good as Acme.

So anyway, then our entrees came.

So, old faithful wasn't so faithful. They were okay, and as we kept eating, they were gross. Too much thyme. It really killed the dishes. The jambalaya was like jambalaya with a moat of crawfish bisque around it. I was hungry, it was okay. The FP thought it was kinda nasty. This was disappointing, but the interesting dish of the night was the seafood platter.

So the Desire Seafood Platter. They put it in the middle. So the description was oysters, crawfish, catfish and softshell crab. And waffle fries.

So everyone kinda helped themselves. VD loved the fried oysters. Everyone avoided the softshell crab. Someone asked what it was. Softshell crab. Oh. They liked the crawfish. The catfish was flaky and breaking apart into little pieces. So VD tried to give SPR a big hunk of catfish. He said he was okay for now. He had stuff he was working on. So he said why don't you have some, and she said, no, I don't want that, I really like the oysters. And she picked out a flake of catfish and popped it in her mouth. The FP and I both noticed at the same time. We didn't look at each other. But I had made eye contact with VD. I tried not to laugh. Then she tried to put half the softshell crab on SPR's plate. He got annoyed and said, no, I'm good for now. She insisted saying it was really good, he would like it, just try it. I noticed that the other half was untouched and I said, did you try it? And she said, yeah, it's good. She snapped off a piece of a little leg and chewed on it. So... it was time. So we left them to the platter.

We went to Ryan's. And of course no one was there yet. Eventually everyone showed up. Finally VD and SPR made it too. VD kept drinking vodka. I think I was pussing out with Miller High Life or something. Finally, 2 hours after she should have gone to bed, SPR said he was leaving. She said she wanted to finish her drink. So he said, well, I'm going now. Thankfully, she didn't remember that you can walk down the street with your drink. She did not need it. Although, I guess she went back to the hotel and drank the rest of an open bottle of red wine. She had such a poker face the next morning, though. She said she wasn't hungover. I felt hungover and I really didn't feel too drunk the night before. Guess I'm a baby, cause if I'm hungover, everyone will know.

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