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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

nola, baby! part 7!

So, our last day in Nola. What a long strange trip it'd been. We woke up, and the FP knew he wanted to go to Coop's Place. That's all he had on the brain all weekend. Must go to Coops. It was raining. I could tell that the FA wanted to go to the Napoleon House. Napoleon House is the FA's Coop's Place. The FA loves that place, with it's mufalettas and formal to the point of being rude waiters... all male I think, and it's abundance of mice. Cute little mice. They run around the dining room, around the patio. They are like tame mice. Not scared of people at all. One time we saw one stop right under a woman's seat, nibbling underneath her. We were horrified and entertained at the same time. She never saw it...like we were hoping. That would have been a scene!

So in the end, the younger man won out, and we got in a cab to go to Coop's Place, because it was raining and it was kinda far to walk. So from the getgo, you could tell that the FA was going to be uncooperative. We walked in, and the place was a bit busy. There was one round table that we could fit at. So we sat there. Next to the cat.

The cat in the window. Yes, they have animals in restaurants in New Orleans. God, I love that city! Notice how the cat's water and food bowls are restaurant dishes. I wonder if they use dedicated bowls for the cat or they change them out and mix them with the stuff they use for customers. I bet that would creep a lot of people out... like Canine Cologne! I'm generally not a germaphobe, but certain things do gross me out which makes no sense because I live like a dirty slob. I guess it's foreign germs, not the ones my body is used to that scares me. You know how on lysol commercials they depict germs on door knobs and phones and faucets... I see that shit. I'm like the Haley Joel Osmeth character in Sixth Sense... "I see bacteria"

So we ordered.

Gumbo. The FA ordered this. He took one bite, then passed it to The Food Pimp. He said, here, take this, it's too spicy. We laughed. The FP took a bite - it's not that spicy. I took a bite, no, not really. Then a third way down, it was spicy. When you took a spoonful from the bottom, it was spicy. There was like all this black pepper down there.

Salad. Just your average salad mix. Greens. Carrots. Crappy underripe tomatoes most likely with scorpion dna in them. But it's all about the dressing. Green goddess dressing. It's just like an herby souped up ranch. But it's like delicious. I just want a bowl of it and some Zapp's chips, and I'm set. Love it. Delicious.

Creole green beans in bacon sauce. The FPM - Food Pimp's Mom - got these. She generally picks the good things on the menu. Sometimes everyone else will be eating a pile o shit, but she will have managed to get the one good thing on the menu. These were good. Real good.

Red beans and rice. This is the Monday staple. We got them on Monday. Yum. I seem to remember that they were kinda spicy, and there was not enough rice, I think. Hmm.. I'm sure I loved them because I love everything Nola.....

Ok. Pause.

Rabbit......... and ......Sausage Jambalaya.

This is the shit. It's the bomb. It's off the hook and the chain and it's on the loose running out the door and down the street and onto the freeway and out of the city and past the suburbs.... the shiznit.

Jambalaya. Cooked to perfection. Ricey meaty goodness. And for those of you who are like, ooh rabbit, yuck, have you ever had rabbit? If I served you rabbit and told you it was chicken you might not ever notice anything weird. So yeah, jambalaya. I don't know if I revealed the secret ingredient the last time I did a blog on Coop's, but I ain't gonna telya. You can do a little pork porn research and see if I did or not. Delish us! I want some. Now! Please!

Coop's Place
1109 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70116


The Diligent Diletante said...

gosh...that gumbo looks divine. is food allowed to be described as divine?

caninecologne said...

hi fh - i'm not that much of a germophobe am i?

ugh, i'd freak out if i saw a damn animal walking around in the restaurant, shedding its hairs and shit.

wow, how many more NOLA posts? you guys ate a lot of good stuff too!

the food ho said...

DD - I think food can be divine... but it's usually desserts, or gumbo.

CC - I don't think that you're like an abnormal germophobe... you just hate germs! When I say Coop's is a dirty dive, it's pretty bad. You don't want to go to the bathroom there.. but the food is... divine!