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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

nola, baby! part 8

So, thus ended our gluttonous weekend of feasting! So finally, we were headed to the airport - sad, yet glad to be going back. We all hopped into the rental car packed with bags, and we just fit everything in. We all had flights around 5 or 6, so we got there a couple hours early. We parted ways at the terminals. The FP and I got through the security line. And then he was pulled aside while security inspected his bag... he had a bottle of hairspray and some other things that were above the 3 oz limit, so they were confiscated. This is funny to me because I always get that stuff taken away, but he never does.

So we got to our terminal, and we were kinda hungry. Well, it was about dinner time. So we ate. Our last supper at Louis Armstrong Airport.

I had the bbq chicken. With jambalaya and greens. And a piece of soft cornbread. It was delicious. The chicken was yummy, the jambalaya was like soft and mushy, but in a good way. The greens were good too. The cornbread was okay, but I ate it.

The Food Pimp got the bayou combo or cajun combo, or whatever they call it. Red beans and rice with sausage, jambalaya, cornbread and gumbo. Yeah. All that. And he ate it - except for the cornbread. It was all really tasty. I mean, even for outside of airport standards, it was pretty good fast food! Not to say that some airports don't have good food...there's alot of shite at airports too....

So we got our food, and we were enjoying it, when the FP's sis and bro in law come up. They were in the same terminal. They kinda ogled our food, like, you're eating? But then it looked so good that you could tell that the sis was going to have some. But she was going to wait until we left. So we said goodbye again. We flew back to Denver. And we ate again. Yes we did. It was dinner time, and the Saints were playing the Patriots in the Dome. So we had a beer and dinner.

So, I'm not going to labor over this. It was okay. The french onion soup was okay. The ceaser was pretty good. The chicken and corn soup was... flavorful enough. Still pretty good for airport food. For outside of an airport, acceptable, but it wouldn't be something to post on facebook or twitter about.....

Thus ended our Nola Thanksgiving weekend!


caninecologne said...

hi fh!
ooh airport food!

love how it's named after louis armstrong!

btw, how was your bday? :)

the food ho said...

So, I just posted my birthday blog yesterday... yes, it's almost 2 months later...