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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my bday

So, have you ever noticed how you think your birthday is special, and then you realize that everyone has them? So I used to make a big deal about my birthday, until I turned 29. Then I started feeling old. Yes, I know, it's young, it's not about how old you are, it's about how old you feel. Well, I started to feel old around 29. Before then, I drank kinda a lot. It kinda goes with the territory when you work late nights in the service industry. But anyway, I've slowed down a lot. I get tipsy off of 2 tall cans of PBR. So, my birthday is not nearly as exciting as it used to be. I feel like I'm also kinda under the weather every year around my birthday too.

So anyway, this year for my birthday we went out to dinner. I wanted to go somewhere different. So I looked up places online. Finally I came up with Cucina Urbana. The type of place we never go to. But it sounded nice. It's in Banker's Hill. Man, it's really hard to concentrate when the FP keeps pacing around the apartment and walking up behind me looking at the computer screen. I'm easily distracted, and I keep losing my train of thought.

Okay, so we got dressed up and we went like on a date. We got there, and it was packed. There was a wait! On a Sunday! But we usually sit at the bar anyway, and the bar was pretty empty, so that was cool. Until it began filling up. By the end of our dinner, it was completely full at the bar too.

Our cocktails. They were good, but kinda sweet and strong, and poor match for our food!

Chicken Liver pate. I don't like chicken livers, but in pate I can eat it sometimes. Basically, if you can dilute the livery flavor... So this was, runny. I liked the idea of the presentation. A mason jar and bread. There was too much in the jar. I can't imagine anyone eats it all. And it was runny like it was made improperly. It kinda sucked. There. I wrote it.

Chicken Fried Sweetbread. Of course, it was delicious. Only a half a caperberry though! :( I don't think they should use it in the menu description if they're going to tease us with a sliver of it though! The crispy batter and the creamy sweetbread, though, loved it!

Ahi Tuna Crudo. So it looked beautiful. It needed salt. We had to wait a while to get salt, because they were kinda busy. It just sucks, because it was nice big seared tuna, and it was sliced, so of course the slices need to be dusted with salt, preferrably sea salt. And then the cannellini beans were kinda not cooked all the way. But I was hungry, so I ate a lot of the hard beans anyway...

Ricotta gnocchi. The Food Pimp didn't realize it was ricotta. He probably wouldn't have wanted it, but it was my birthday and I still would have gotten it. It was heavy and ricottay. Not light, the way gnocchi should be, and really they were just like ricotta balls. Heavy. And with the brown butter, no acid, no lightness. But I was hungry and I think I ate most of it.

So we could have eaten more. But at this point, nothing on the menu appealed to us. We both like acidic foods, and for the most part, nothing had much acid at all. I still thought it was a cute place, and I'd like to go back and maybe have some wine and like a pizza or something...that polenta board. Oh, well, it was a nice time, food aside. After that we went to Counterpoint, which is our favorite neighborhood bar, even though we don't get to go there that much. So that was my birthday, almost 2 months ago. You can tell I'm getting older and slower!


caninecologne said...

happy late bday FH! i hope you and the fp had a great time! you're still young!!!!!!

you're right about the chicken liver pate - too runny. looks like someone had some squiz in the mason jar. not very appetizing. i want my pate to be spreadable not pourable.

word ver:

Desiree said...

I would still eat the pate.

Desiree said...

And Happy Birthday!