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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nasca Grill

So, a while ago, the Food Pimp and I decided to go to Nasca Grill. We really liked Aji Seco, even though we only went there once. So we decided to try Nasca. So we got there early and we had to wait in the car for about 20 minutes. This is a regular thing for us. Most places do not open early enough or stay open late enough for our schedule.

So we walked in, and I noticed that they still had the little kitchen in the main room, and the kitchen where the taco joint was. That's a lot of kitchen, and one can't help wondering if they need all the space and if they fill up to capacity where they are utilizing it all. I work in a large enough kitchen, but the layout sucks and there's not enough storage. I'd love to work somewhere with that showspace kitchen out front. I would make it more like a food bar where people could sit.

So to get down to business, we got the ceviche. It looked very similar to the ceviche at Latin Chef, but it was not as good. It needed salt, mainly, but just not as flavorful. That romesco type sauce that they gave us was good though.

The cancha were good. It was nice to see them in the little side dish rather than in the wicker basket at Latin Chef that Canine Cologne pointed out could be bacterial hazards!

Pescado a lo Macho. This was the Food Pimp's choice, of course. It was good. Not great, but good. I have this weird thing now that I don't really like these seafood mixes that restaurants use. Often some of the product is this gross foreign farmed shrimp, or like frozen mussel meat and stuff, and it's just... yucky. So even if the stuff is not gross, I'm hesitant to try the stuff.

Lomo Saltado. I can't go into a Peruvian place without getting it. I love the way the tomato is cooked with the meat and kind of softens and the tomato juice melds into the dish. The fries were nicely cooked, as the rice was. The lomo was good, not great, once again. I gotta say, out of Aji Seco, Tropical Star and Latin Chef, this was my least favorite place. But boy, they sure had nice silverware. I believe this was the same silverware that that fancy Mexican place in New Orleans had in their fancy upstairs dining room. Why do I remember this, or why have I made up this false memory, yet I always forget the name of the restaurant? Because our buddy who worked there gave us a tour and showed us the fancy silverware and how it cost like $1000 a place setting - obvious exaggeration. But I was not impressed, I just thought it was stupid. Why would you have such fancy silverware, people are just going to steal it or it will get thrown in the trash accidentally!

Anyway, Nasca Grill was okay on our first try, but it will be hard to not go to Tropical Star nearby and opt for Nasca Grill instead, even though the dining room is nice and comfortable... I shouldn't rate it with chopsticks from this one visit, but if I were going to I would give it \/\ three chopsticks...

Nasca Grill
4310 Genesee Ave Suite 105-106
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 560-0873


caninecologne said...

hi fh!

hey we just went to nazca grill too! we went the day after valentine's day. we had that same ceviche - the sauce was waaaay too mild. i asked the guy to make it kind of hot. he didn't. he said he could have put the hotter sauce on the side, but of course, we didn't know that because it wasn't offered.

i haven't blogged that post yet. it's funny you guys went too!

i'd go here again- make sure the shit is hot too.

the owner is pretty nice - the short guy - wilson (it's on his necklace too). i sound so sensitive i know.

and yes, i noticed their corn snacks were NOT in the bacteria infested baskets with poo germs. yay for that! ha ha.

word ver:

hey, we should go out to eat again!

benbes said...

nasca grill must be a quality, I love the dishes made thye look delecious.
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KirkK said...

I'm not a big fan of the Cebiche Pescado here..... I think the Pollo a la Brassa and the Causa is pretty good. BTW, most Peruvians don't like their food too spicy....just like many countries, there are certain areas, like Piura that enjoys more spicy fare.

the food ho said...

Well, we may go back and try your recommendations Kirk, but when it's kinda near Tropical Star AND Ba Ren, it's kinda hard to choose Nasca over those 2 places...