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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who dat? No one...beoches!

So, for those of you who... um, don't know anything of the outside world, you wouldn't be on the internets... So, this is irrelevent to those people. What I'm trying to intimate to you loyal followers is that the Saints won the super bowl and that is super extra uber hyper mega ultra exciting! So I interrupted my chronological posting to give you a superbowl posting.

This my friends is red beans and rice with ham hocks, extra smokey. The FP made this on Saturday. Man was it smokey. In a good way. And the beans were nice and creamy.

Jambalaya. I made it. Not the best I've ever made, I'll admit. I used Mahatma rice, which is so easy to overcook, especially on an electric stove. Yes, we have an electric stove. That was the one point of contention when we moved into this place.

Crawfish and artichoke dip. Yeah, you right! crawfish, cream cheese, sour cream, lots of worcestershire, and Tony's....

boiled shrimp. remoulade sauce. For those of you who wonder, what is remoulade sauce? It's deliciousness. Mayo, paprika, horseradish, other yumminess that I won't expound on right now because my beer is getting warm... it was good though. real good. Maybe I'll go to the fridge and eat some right now.

Thank you Saints for bringing us that nice (yet modestly small) flat screen tv. I made a deal with the Food Pimp. I said if the Saints went to the Superbowl we'd get a flatscreen tv for his birthday. So they won. So we got a new TV. So the Saints won the Superbowl on our new Vizio LCD TV. Nice.


caninecologne said...

congrats on the saints winning the sb! i caught bits and pieces of the game - the ending was especially great!

my husband was happy about the outcome - he hates eli manning!

KirkK said...

Congrats on getting the flatscreen. I had to make a dish for the Missus's Pot Luck on Saturday..... so hoping for the win, I made Red Beans and Rice also.

the food ho said...

CC & Kirk, I think the whole of the Who Dat nation are still reeling from the high of the win! I wonder how many households had pots of red beans and rice across the country that Sunday?

Anonymous said...

The pictures do not do this food justice. That remoulade was amazing! The homemade hurricane was fantastic. Everything was really good. I wish we could have stayed longer. Andrew