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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Palm Springs Short Trip

So, I've been pretty busy lately. So busy, that my boss got onto me because I had 18hours overtime this pay period. Which is almost laughable, because when you schedule like 5 special events in a week, on top of lots of regular business, it's going to be very busy. So, I'm pretty much just burnt out. The Food Pimp, in his infinite wisdom pretty much decided we were going to Palm Springs. He found a room at a "resort" for $50. So, Sunday morning we packed and headed off. Of course, my one cook texted me and asked if I could work for him because he met some hot chick the night before and she was leaving town the next day so he wanted to hang out with her. No dice. And we had an event that night, and he is like the lead line cook so he had to be there. But that was an unhappy start to our getaway.

So, we stopped right before the 215 split, and we went to Kmart because I had to buy sweatshop underwear and socks because I didn't have time to do laundry. I have watched a few episodes of "Blood, Sweat & Tshirts" . So, I realize that I buy a lot of sweatshop clothes. But I don't really buy clothes very often. If I buy a T shirt that cost me $2.50 - there is a good chance I might own it, and still actively wear it for 10 years. Really. I also commandier the Food Pimp's old shirts and hoodies that he stops wearing. So, I feel for these people, but I guess their work for my clothes is not in vein. If they would just pay them more and improve their conditions and charge me more I would still buy the stuff.

Anyway, Kmart sucks. I got these Hanes low rise underwear, and they were total high rise granny panties. But I guess I'll be wearing them... the sweatshops and all.

So we also decided to have lunch at a taco shop in the same shopping center.
Honestly, I can't remember the name now. Taco Naso is my guess. I can't find any real clue on the internets. So anyway, we ate there.

This is the salsa bar. Notice the grilled jalapenos.

Those were good. I didn't eat one, I just took a nibble of the FP's jalapeno.

I got rolled tacos. It was good. The taquitos were crunchy, the meat was seasoned inside of it. The guacamole was good, the salsas were good. Beans and rice were nice. I had Jamaica to drink and it was refreshing, not too sweet.

The FP got a carne asada burrito, and it had stuff in it. Not just meat. And it was huge. It was pretty tasty.

So that was lunch. We headed east, and we got to Palm Springs just in time to be able to check in. We drove through downtown, which looked cute. So on the other side of downtown were all the "resorts". It turns out, that in Palm Springs, resort means motor lodge. Our "resort" was on the right - Caliente Tropics - tiki hut theme. It was the cutest motor lodge I've ever stayed at, and did I mention cheap? Okay, so the website really promised more than it could deliver, but the place was pretty clean. The towels... um, not so much - they were... old. The pool was nice though - heated, and the hot tub - fantastic. It was huge. But we never went in the hot tub when there were other people in it. There were a ton of lounge chairs. They had pool towels, we noticed. But you have to go to the front desk to ask for them. They charge $25 a towel if not returned. And then they have a nice little cabana area with nice grass and 8 little tiki huts with lounge chairs in them. And I must say, our car was parked right outside our hotel room, which is very convenient.
So, we got on our waterwear and went to lay out by the pool. I never did take a picture of the view. But it's right at the foot of the mountains. So you can sit in the hot tub and look up at the mountains behind the hotel between two palm trees. Just lovely. When the bar and restaurant reopens there it will be even better. But we did just fine with the beers that we bought at Ralph's and stored in our mini fridge. I just hoped we could find some good grub for dinner.


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