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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

never tried convoy noodle house dishes

So, we go to Convoy Noodle House about once every week or two. The Food Pimp usually gets pho, I get bun or pho, or sometimes broken rice. The past few times, we've mixed it up a bit, got a little crazy.

On one occasion I got beef satay fried rice. Fried rice. Never have it anymore. I think it was a cold day, and I may or may not have been drinking the night before, and fried rice appeals to me. I know some people fear that rice is reused for fried from. That is, rice from another paying customer's plate or rice bowl. I'm sure some gross places do that. But I don't think they all do it. But I don't even eat fried rice very often, so I'm not too concerned. I get sick from all sorts of sketchy food here in California - 2 or 3 times from Albertson's ground beef. But we just had Albertson's ground beef for dinner last night, and I didn't get sick. So maybe I'm stupid, but I'm not too worried about recycled fried rice. Anyway, this was good, but, I wanted more vegetables in it. The frozen pea and carrot cubes just wasn't enough. Some cabbage or something would have been a nice addition. Anyhoo, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Food Pimp got all adventurous too and got the curry chicken stew. It looked bland and gross, but it was actually delicious and flavorful. It's rare that we both gamble and come up winners.

So, yesterday, I got the bun with lemongrass stir fried beef. It was pretty good. I think I like the short ribs and eggrolls and bean curd sheet better though. I think what turned me off was that the last piece of meat I ate tasted a little off, like it was about to go bad. Yuck.


KirkK said...

Hey TFH - Try the Banh Hoi next time, you might like it. You sure seem to be getting around a lot lately.

the food ho said...

I'll remember to try it. We actually have not been getting around much, I just take so long to post, then I do a bunch at once... when I'm broke and staying at home more!