Mickey Dee's and other food

So, when I say Mickey Dee's, I'm not talking about some college bar. You know... Mickey Dee's, McD's, McDonald's. What, not foodie enough for you? Well, the McRib is only a promotional limited seasonal for a short time only item. You gotta get em while you can. Actually, one night we were looking for a McDonald's with a playplace for the Duwende. He needed to burn off some excess energy from being pent up in the hospital. So we drove to like 3 McDonald's. At the last one we gave up and just decided to eat - after all he'd get a happy meal with a toy at least. So we went to the Mickey Dee's by my parents' house. I had had many a meal from there. We walked up to the counter, and the manager was standing there bitching at all the employees for just standing there. Meanwhile, the dining area was dirty. I mean filthy. Tables were not wiped, food everywhere. It was icky.

Anyway, I got 2 McRibs. No fries. Openheart got a McRib, a happy meal for the little one. And for the other little one, he had already eaten I guess, so he just wanted an apple pie. But of course it's like 2 for whatever price, so they gave him 2.

So Duwende somehow managed to like get his highchair apart or something. It was a little shabby. And most of his fries hit the floor. The floor was so gross already that we didn't bother to pick em up. Meanwhile, that bossy manager should have been having people clean the joint.

So here was one of my little McRibs. 490 calories for this baby. So if you want to see the grossness of the McRib in all it's naked glory...go to Fast Food Facts I believe I've studied the inside color of a McRib before, but it doesn't stop me from craving them. I believe they are made with a lot of the fatty porky parts that I love and others abhor because of the pure "fat" content of fat.

Here's a pasta fagioli from the food court at the hospital. I was all prepared to spend the night with my mom in ICU. So I went for some food and drink before going up there. It was a tasty soup. It was nice because I didn't get much time alone, and there weren't too many people in the cafeteria. It was a big disappointment though, because when I got up to ICU, they told me that my mom was not to have visitors overnight. She had been sleeping a lot during the day and restless at night, and they thought that she would do better without anyone there. That sucked, and I almost wanted to believe that she asked for no visitors. But, in the end, my sis picked me up, and it was probably better that way. Because that little pull out chair in the room is not comfortable at all.

Here is the cat that hung out in the backyard of the house we were staying at. This looked like my mom's cat when he was younger. My mom had adopted a cat for me when I was in high school. She brought him home, and we had to go get supplies for him. So, we took him in the car with us. He was on my lap, and he pissed on me. So, maybe he was always my mom's cat all along. I feel like whoever was the first person to pick the cat up and whisk it to their home is really the cat's mom. Anyway, I went to college, and this cat lived to be 17 or 18 years old, I think. He eventually became an outdoor cat. Sometimes, my parents would go away for weeks. The neighbor across the street would feed him. But as soon as my mom got back, he would be in the driveway rolling around, waiting for her. When he died, my mom was so grief stricken that it surprised her. She didn't realize how much she loved that cat.

Here's Duwende on the Bawney Twain Wide at Chuck E Cheese's. So one night, we went there during the visiting hours break. My dad laughed in derision when we walked in. The pizza is pretty effing expensive, and it sucks. But it was really all about entertaining the Duwende. As soon as he got past the velvet ropes, he was gone. We got some tokens and followed him around. Of course, he wanted to ride these boring little train rides first. I think he wanted to ride this one twice. But then he did the virtual rollercoaster which looked fun. It looked kinda crazy for a little kid, but he liked it. Big Boy - that's my dad - actually started to loosen up, and he enjoyed watching Duwende play all the games. Big Boy would have never have set foot in a Chuck E Cheese when we were young. I remember going to Chuck E Cheese's for friends' birthdays, but never with my parents. We got our pizza, and they bring it on this silicone pan. It just looks and tastes like some frozen pizza, which I'm sure is what it is. I realized how bad my dad's arthritis was, when he had trouble cutting a slice of pizza with a plastic knife. So after we ate, Duwende ran around and we had to unload the rest of the tokens. He tried to play these games that were for older kids. I tried my hand at the hoops game. It was really hard! My dad actually joined in, but of course, the hoop was so high and far back that he couldn't make any. This was the most fun I'd seen him have in... in as long as I can remember. Maybe if he had gone to Chuck E Cheese's when we were young, he would have loosened up some and not been as mean and cranky.


Philip said…
Where did u find succulent pork butt in Lakeland??

the food ho said…
Silly Phil, that's an old peecture, naman, of pork butt that I cooked at home a long time ago!
lisa said…
i was just telling kathryn and max (the henna artist in manitou spgs) about israel being named after azrael on the smurfs...they were impressed
lisa said…
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