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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

steaming bowls of....

So, not much new to report, but I feel like I should take the opportunity to blog anyway!

Here's one of those odds and ends soups we make from time to time....

The Food Pimp's gumbo. Hmmm... we had some chicken - so he bought some sausage and turned it into gumbo. Man, gumbo is yummy, but it's heavy and we end up eating so much in so little time.... and it makes me gassy. It's the roux, gives me manly meaty farts.

Here was our breakfast last Sunday at South Park Abbey. Chili cheese fries. This was really yummy. When you get chili cheese fries made with housemade chili that is good - rather than hormel canned stuff, it makes it that much better! So South Park Abbey used to be South Park Bar & Grill. It changed ownership. They have this more belgian beer/ local beer focus. The menu looks pretty much the same - it's the same chef - just a few foodie words mixed into the mix. You know the words... anyway, it can only get better, right. They have the burger bar - which is like pick your own toppings. It's a smart idea, because when you put specialty burgers on the menu, people like to modify it anyway, which is annoying. Although the tickets that come back to the kitchen must be annoying, because there's probably sometimes 5 lines for one item.

Here's an elephant at the zoo having a snack. I couple weeks ago I bought us a zoo pass. I figured I could go to the zoo at least once a week, hopefully more for some exercise. That's how I justified it to myself. I am so out of shape that it is such a workout walking around there.

Here's a panda eating bamboo. That's what they do. They eat, they sleep, they run around their enclosure. Well, okay, last week we saw one running around the enclosure, that was the most activity we'd ever seen from a panda. I can't remember if it was a he or a she, but let's call it a she. She was walking around in this loop, it was much more elaborate than the back and forth pacing, and she would change it up a bit, splashing through the water and such. Then every like maybe fifth time, when she crossed into the middle of the enclosure in the conversion of these trees, she would kind of jog or skip through - just a few steps, and then resume the normal panda bear trot. It was really cute, and the FP would never have believed me if I had told him about it and he hadn't been there. Anyway, I am ambivalent when it comes to zoos. The SD zoo is a very nice one as they go, but yeah, it's still a zoo. And some of the residents clearly are not happy. But, in our selfishness we get to see them up close. But maybe if not for the efforts of zoos, some of these animals would not exist in the wild? I don't know. I like to see animals, sometimes they act like they like to see me too.

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