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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harar Revisit

So, we hadn't been to Harar in years, and we were driving around deciding what to eat per usual. I had thought Harar, and then the Food Pimp said Harar. So that's where we went. It's on El Cajon Blvd ... somewhere by Texas.

This place is known for taking a little time to get the food out - which sucks because we are always starving when we go there. I always wondering what's going on in the kitchen. I assume the injera bread is already made and all the food is like stewed so it should be cooked. But we go when no one is there, so I assume they have everything all put away in the coolers, and we get the meat combo and the veg combo - so they have to take each individual item out and reheat it individually. That could be a pain in the ass! But the food there is really good!

So here is the meat sambusa. Aw, the universal savory filled pastry. The sambusa is wrapped in a fillo or phyllo type pastry. We ordered 1, and of course they forgot and gave us two! I can't remember if we were charged for it, I'm sure we were, but they knew we would eat it! That's the spicy pepper sauce on the side.

Our lovely meat and vegetable combos. I hate to say I don't know the names of the dishes...but, there was cabbage, yellow split peas, eggplant, carrots, spinach, cheese, salad, lamb, beef and chicken. I'm not gonna get too descriptive, for fear of getting the names wrong. This is the computerized blog version of the mumble...mrrrhmwarsmarrrrrhmmerfterrarar....

Anyhoo, it was all delish, and we pretty much killed it all. But boy does all that injera and stew dish make you full fast!

They renovated the patio a little. It was pretty dingy and rundown before. They redid the wood fencing, and they put tablecloths on the tables - which seems weird for a patio. But, it looks cleaner and a more pleasant environment. The bathroom is pretty much the same. I hate how it's right there, I think there's not a door to the room with the sink. I have this fear of having to bust out a stinky loud numero dos and having people hear. There were two women who sat at the table closest to the bathroom right after us. So, I actually didn't have to #2, but I did pass flatus(as my mom used to say) in el banjo. And of course, one of the women walked right into the bathroom right after me. You know how you want to say, "I would wait a few minutes if I were you." I wanted to say that - but I don't have the balls to be one of those people. If I drank more I could probably do it!

Harah Ethiopian Restaurant
2432 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone (619) 295-3735


caninecologne said...

damn, you crack my shit up FH!!!!

it's like the scene in 16 candles where grandpa fred walks out of the bathroom after having taken a horrific dump and molly ringwald's brother is fanning the air near the bathroom door. "i wouldn't go in there if i were you" he says to his father who pays him no heed and walks in....and does an about face! "told you so!" ha ha

have you considered taking a book of matches with you? i have in the past. hey, if you need to kill the smell, a match will do it.

did you know harar has an all u can eat buffet on friday nights? it's $12.95 i think. also, i saw in the reader that Red Sea ethiopian restaurant also has a $12buffet (forgot the days tho').

love harar - and yeah, they fixed up their patio and also the outside. doesn't look as ratty.

Desiree said...

Man, you just killed me! Passing flautas!

B. Salazar said...

Relleno de yucca? Arepas and blood sausage? You're KILLING me. It all looks fantfudgingtastic. I'd lick the plate...LOL