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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old School, Lemon Grove

So, when we lived in New Orleans, we found that the Westbank was the place to go for the shopping centers - you know, Target, Walmart, Big Lots... It was faster to get there and less traffic than going to Metairie or Kenner - the nicer suburbs.

So, now in Golden Hill in San Diego where we live now, we've discovered Lemon Grove. Just a few miles off the 94. So, we've been Magellan and Armstrong. We've gone to Target and Walmart. The Chase there is great because I've had to wait in line once! We've even gone past that shopping center! We've gone past the train tracks and back! And we found a BBQ place! But of course it was a Monday, and I think they were closed. So just recently, we went to try the place again, and they were open.

Yes, it does say 99 cent soul food!!!

So, we really like to get different dishes so we can try more than one thing, but in this case... c'mon! I mean, really, c'mon!!! Who was going to get the brisket? The Food Pimp thought he could talk me into getting the brisket and then trade me a measly rib... but who knew how big the plate would be? I could not chance it!

So, I got ribs, and the FP got brisket. Ha ha!

So, here's his brisket with potato salad and coleslaw. The potato salad was okay. The slaw was delish! It had an apple cider vinegar dressing, rather than gloppy mayo. The brisket was pretty damn good too. It was smokey, and the sauce was smokey, sweet and spicy, and lots of it too! The combos came with wheat bread slices in sandwich bags. How old school!!

So, here's the ribs, slathered with sauce. Very very tasty and tender. I got the beans and the macaroni salad. So, the beans were good - but they tasted like they came out of a can possibly. The macaroni salad had a vinegar and mayo base. It was tangy. So, I ate a third of it before I realized, horror of horrors... the macaroni salad was bad! Maybe it wasn't supposed to be tangy!!!! It had bubbles! Yuck!!! Anyway, I had my ribs and beans. Also, the FP got a side of mustard greens, which for whatever reason, I didn't take a picture of. But they were delicious. Slow cooked the way greens are supposed to be.

They had Pepsi products instead of Cocoa-Cola, which was a turn off, but I can deal with diet Pepsi if there's a firing squad lined up waiting to open fire if I don't drink.

So, besides the bad macaroni, I would definitely recommend Barnes BBQ.

So, then, the other day we were going to go to Barnes, but it was a little after 11 and they didn't open until 11:30. When we went through the daily ritual,

"What do you feel like?"

" Something with a ....(rub fingers together) cheap taste."

"Mmm. Sounds good."

Then I changed it up because I said,

"I want a meatball sandwich."

But we didn't know where to get that in Lemon Grove.

We had other stuff to do, so we needed somewhere else. I suggested this divey looking place I had seen driving to Barnes. It was Lido's Restaurant and Lounge. It didn't even look open when we pulled up. The FP said, "isn't it more of a bar? Go in a check it out." Always the chivalrous one. When he said that, I got scared and didn't want to go alone. Would there be a bunch of old boozehounds belly up to the bar staring at me when I opened the door? So the FP turned off the car and we both walked in. AND it was exactly what we had hoped for. We had been wanting to go to an old school italian restaurant, and here one was! It was like one of those old mom and pop restaurants with a bunch of knick knacks, a lounge in the front, booths, and a lot of old Christmas decorations that looked like they were 30 years old. There were 2 old guys sitting by themselves in booths in the lounge, so we were the third table. I hoped it wasn't bad sign.

A nice older lady waited on us. She had been working there a long ass time - although she was from New England, Patriots fan, but we didn't hold it against her. So, the FP got the spaghetti and meatballs, and I got.... the meatball sandwich. I never say I want something random like that and actually get it. Really. And the lunch prices were cheap. Like baby birdy cheap!

So, yeah, they, also came with salad. But would the food be good?

Actually it was! The salad was like old school with catalina dressing and all. But we were into it.

The spaghetti and meatballs. Good meatballs, a bit overcooked pasta - just like the FP liked. And good sauce. And look at the weird granulated sprinkle cheese... It's like little pellets.

The meatball sandwich. Same good meatballs. Cut in half. Do you think they cut the meataballas in half for the old people? I wonder? It really hit the spot. And by the time we left there were at least 5 more tables in there, and people still arriving. So, yeah. Once in a while I do get exactly what I want!

Barnes BBQ
7820 Broadway
Lemon Grove, 91945
619) 462-9206

Lido's Italian Foods
7252 Broadway
Lemon Grove 91945

1 comment:

caninecologne said...

hi fh - those cheese pellets look wierd!

i actually have a buy 1/get 1 free coupon for this place. now i'm def going to go here...but not get that rotten salad you were talkin' about. when i read that, i felt like throwing up in my mouth.

am writing this while husband was watching football bloopers. they showed the steelers/rapist dude and i thought of you. not in that way, but you know, just remember that old comments exchange we had on that guy.

so yeah, barnes bbq. not familiar with lemon grove myself but am willing to check it out! :)