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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ba Ren Again?!

So, we really don't go to Ba Ren as often as we would like. We haven't gotten to the point where we know everything on the menu. So, one random night off, we decided to go there for dinner. Every once in a while we've had take out from there which is always disappointing, because the portions aren't as big as if you eat at the restaurant.

So, we made a momentus decision - we only got one plate of cold dish! Well, they were running low on some of our favorites! So we got the dried beef, the bamboo shoots and a big pile o seaweed! Seriously, I think the bamboo shoots are my favorite!

So then we were having trouble deciding what else to get. We got the cabbage - so there are two on the menu... the sauteed hot and sour one, and the pickled one... I really don't remember the exact wording. But anyway, the point is, we are not sure of the difference between the two, or if there is a difference...they seem to be the same, but I'm no sezchuan expert. Anyway, it's always delicious. And I kind of used this dish for inspiration for one of my own dishes, can't divulge it though!

Then we got the spicy pepper prawns. So, the last time we got them - the Food Pimp thought that they were head on. I honestly don't remember. We got them that one magical dinner that we went with Kirk and Caninecologne. Anyway, these were not head on, the flavor of the shrimp themselves were not great. The dish though, is crazy. It's just a bed of peppers with the fried shrimp on it. The flavors of the spice and peppers is so amazing. But, alas, I've been having "digestive" issues - IBS maybe? Well, I think that's what we call any issues in the stomach region and below, right? Anyhoo, it's so good with rice.

So then, we basically got the exact same dish again, except for with lamb ribs! OMG. You can't even imagine. These crispy little nuggets of dynamite were really tasty treats. Lamb ribs have very little meat, but you suck it all off and suck the bones. The sauce that coats the ribs is what makes it so wonderful. And then you eat it with rice. And then you have a drink of water, a glug of beer, a sip of hot tea. Well, that's what I do. I have to pretty much keep each beverage in rotation with the food. No, not because it cools the mouth - it doesn't. Just because each drink has it's place in the dinner. They just...go with the meal. Don't ask, just eat and be quiet. Maybe smile at your dining companions with a glazed look of contentment on your face.

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caninecologne said...

fkg a! those fried shrimps with the chili peppers were so good! we need to go there again! that was an awesome dinner except at the end when your tires got messed up. but you got help from kirk.

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