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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bad day in the kitchen

So, everyone has a bad day at work now and then, some more than others. Me, I get them in a string usually. So it builds up until I think I can't take it anymore, then it ends. So here's a representation of one of those days.

Guess what this is? Anyone? Anyone? Throw it out there...
Well, it's carbon. It started out as sugar, then it was caramel, then it became carbon. And, yeah, I ruined the pot. It wasn't even on the stove very long, or very high heat...but there it is.

It reminds me of when my sis and I worked at the restaurant in New Orleans called Mango House. Our boss was preggers, but she insisted on working all her shifts until she couldn't anymore. So one night, we put chicken stock on the stove. I left, and I reminded her to turn the stock down very low, once it had come to a boil. So the next day, my sis and my friend went in, and the whole pot had melted - the stock had boiled away, the bones and stuff disintegrated, and the pot melted into metal things - they said it looked like a sculpture. Miraculously, the stove didn't catch fire, the restaurant didn't burn down. That's when my boss decided it was time to slow down.

I wish I could slow down. Take a few months off, travel the world, veg out at home, hang out with old friends, make some new ones, make music and write...eat some life changing meals...if only.

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