Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, this is a quickie. I've had a long couple weeks, but I wanted to get something in. Hopefully I'll have a more substantial morsel in the next few days!

Spicy Pork Bulgogi from Convoy Tofu House. We went the other day, and rather than get the soft tofu stew with pork and kimchi, I thought I'd mix it up and get something else. The stew, while delicious, leaves me hungry about 3 hours after. This spicy pork really sticks to the ribs - it's the Korean version of 5 hour energy drink!

So usually I'm picky about when I can eat what food according to my schedule - anything that makes me too bloaty and gassy an spice assy I try not to eat before work to spare my coworkers...we're having this plumbing grease trap issue already, no need to add to that!

But, on Valentine's Day, the Food Pimp agreed to work with me for our busy Valentine's night dinner, so I allowed him to pick where we went to lunch. Of course he picked Ashoka the Indian restaurant with the big buffet. So, we always get there too early. So we walked around to all the markets. Well, we tried to. The huge market seemed to be closed down, or relocated to a smaller space? Anyone know about this. There were a few closed places. Even in a tough economy, there aren't many places to get Indian ingredients. It doesn't seem like so many places would close, but I'm not an econ major or anything. So the one market that was still open had one customer in it. Anyhoo, I saw these.

American style Cream and Onion - they're loud and obnoxious and they leave a bad taste in your mouth for hours after your encounter. I didn't buy them...

Anyway, the Ashoka buffet was really good - probably because of Valentine's Day. Lots of meat dishes, variety of vegetable ones. The rice pudding is always good. They offered a complimentary Valentine's Day beverage, mango lassi, tea or champagne. I could have gone for a lassi, but it was kinda cold.

The place started to fill up. Fill up with annoying people who had to have their ringer set on at least 4 and they had to answer the phone at the table in that loud phone voice for everyone else in the restaurant to hear. I swear there were 3 - 4 people who did this. So before we left, I was at the table while the Food Pimp was paying. I acted like I was on the phone and used that loud phone voice, maybe a little louder than everyone else. I was like, "Heeey! Yeah, I'm at Ashoka eating! Yeah, I just wanted to call you and say Happy Valentines!!!!!" I didn't get to see if anyone got annoyed, I don't know why they would since they were busy talking on their phones.

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