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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Notice anything different?

So, I thought I would change the blog up a little... you know, updated, computer, update the blog. Yes. Updated computer. Apple. Mac. Macbook Pro. So cute and gleaming and glossy and easy to use, and it's fast, and the internet connection is better. No matter how shitty some things in my life are (which right now it's not the best) at least I got this amazing new computer so I can blog more and tell you about my shitty life. In fact, if I had not had this amazing computer, in a way, I wouldn't have coped as well with the shitty news I got last week. Of course, I probably wouldn't have gotten the computer after the news... Wanna hear?

Well... let's just say, some people are not the best at breaking new to employees. Some people don't understand that they shouldn't go to work, tell their current chef that there is a new partner/chef in the company (which means another boss for the chef) out of nowhere with no warning, and then expect them to go back to work. And how many people in that chef's situation would continue working? I did though. They tell me they want me to stay because I know so much about running the kitchen and wouldn't it be great to have us collaborating. The only thing is, I'm not a collaborator. Why collaborate, when before if I wanted to do a special or change the menu I just did it. Okay, so I would have to discuss it with the GM, because she likes to believe she's so knowledgeable about food. She fancies herself a restaurant critic really. Restaurants actually despise her as they might a restaurant critic.

The FP is dying for me to leave the place. It's embarrassing, and it's shameful, and it's embarrassing. This shit went down last Thursday, a week ago, and they already blogged about it on the website on Monday. Tonight, I'm off and the new chef is doing an earth day prix fixe. I don't really hold anything against him. He seems nice, he seems to do nice food, he wants to change the place for the better and he wants to put time and money into the place. But he has the power to schedule more labor hours, change the menu, change policy, do things I would have liked to do myself, but I didn't have the power to do. I had several times gotten reprimanded for having too much overtime - as in 10 hours on a very busy week with special events that they had scheduled. I guess what they want is employees that will work so many hours off the clock. I can't do it. I do work off the clock several hours a week. But why kill myself for no incentive, no encouragement, no kudos, no pay raise at the crap level of pay that I get.

I'm burnt out and demoralized and exhausted and I want a break. It's not good to stay at a place when you consciously know you are oozing negative vibes. I know I am. I somehow manage to talk to the GM every day, and I joke with her, but it's what I do. I joke with people I have a problem with, but it's nasty. Every little thing she does wrong really irritated the piss out of me. But I don't have the money to just take time off. So I'm figuring out my life. Gotta pay for my internet connection, phone, rent, etc.....

So, if you want to see me at my current place of employment, you better come soon. I'm not sure how much longer I will be there. If you do come in, I'll buy you a drink and a dessert. I got some house credit I need to use up!


caninecologne said...

that sux about the change in management. i read about that in the paper. been wanting to ask you about that...

hope things get better or that you find a job elsewhere so you don't go nuts over there!

i might take you up on your offer too!

the food ho said...

Unfortunately, I left on Sunday. I wanted to hold out as long as possible, but that was just the last day I could work without just being a completely disgruntled untrustworthy employee. I don't like to roll like that, so I got out, even though it wasn't necessarily the best decision. They should thank me, though, for getting out when I did.

caninecologne said...

hey fh -well good for you for leaving then. sounds like it would have been more toxic if you had stayed. i hope you are able to find something else.