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Friday, June 24, 2011

The happiest day of the year!

So, this post is a month late. Big surprise, huh? I have all the time in the world to do everything else except work or write my blog. Well, now I have time. So, anyhoo, last month was the annual LSU crawfish berl. So, it's been the Sunday before Memorial Day for the past few years. It's held on the old Chargers practice field at Qualcomm. Interestingly enough, that weekend is also a big Mormon thing in the actual stadium. Weird combination, for sure.

Anyway, this day starts at 11 am, which is great, because that means more fun time! Our friend Mr. Interested In You, so graciously drove over to pick us up, again. He lives near the stadium with Valley Girl, his wife. So we parked and walked over. So this year, BG and Sun Taco - the Food Pimp's bandmates - joined us for their first time. Also our friends, Mr. Male Nurse and Mrs. Sexual Innuendo, who are actually LSU Alumni, joined us. Last year, she was in labor the day of the crawfish boil, this year, they got a babysitter.

So, what goes down is that from 11am to 2pm it's all you can drink beer. But usually it includes Kona, but this year they were tightening the budget and charging more. The Bud was the aycd beer, and Kona was $2 each. So, I drank rice beer this one time, Bud. Several of them. But unfortunately, there seemed to be less volunteers, and there was always a line until after 2pm. Somehow, we managed to get drunk.

We just shot the shit and drank and soaked up the Mission Valley fun and sun. And the FP waited in line with BG for the crawfish. And I waited in line for one last beer with Valley Girl and Mr. IIY.

And when we got back to our table, everyone was already digging in. 50#s of crawfish, potatoes, and corn. We tried to rush to catch up, but it was slow going. Mr. Male Nurse had a very impressive pile going - as he had missed the past 2 years. But we pretty much cleaned out our pile, except for a few stray little ones. So, if you've never had them, you are so missing out. They are like a cross between shrimp and crabs. They are just sweet and fatty and boiled in cajun spices and really addicting. So, it's like eating peel and eat shrimp. You twist off the head and suck the juices out. Then, you take the first ring of shell off the tail, and squeeze the rest of the shell and pull the tail out. If the crawfish has big old claws, then you can eat those too. But if you haven't tried them before, you must before you die!

Then we had some more $2 beers, and we went to the business of catching a cab. So, we walked through the organized chaos of the Mormons leaving. There were a lot of them. Like a stadium's worth of them. And they were all dressed up in their Sunday best. And their Saturday best. There were lots of stiletto heels. I mean a lot. I didn't know that Mormons dressed so risque for church!

So, we finally got two cabs to True North, as is tradition. We hung out on the back patio and drank Moscow Mules and Cherry Bitches. Both good, but the Cherry Bitches were better.

They were made with earl grey tea and gin. I'm not a big gin drinker, but it was very smooth and not so junipery with the other ingredients.

So then, we were a little peckish. We got some loaded tater tots.

And then another round. And then another Cherry Bitch. Then it was time to go home. And drink some more. And we were up til around 2am.

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caninecologne said...

damn, that was a big @$$ pile of crawfish!!!! sounds like a great time was had by all! good food!

interesting about the footwear on the mormon women.