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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phocking Pho

So, I bought a chicken from Pancho Villa Market for $6. So, I did what all classic cooks do. I simmered it to make a flavorful chicken broth. Well, I probably would have roasted it, but I decided to simmer it to make Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. No one was sick, I just wanted to cook without doing much work and have enough for more than one meal. This is one of those kinds of things that you think foodies cook all the time, right? I'm not a foodie, though.

Well, I don't know, maybe I am, but I don't like that term. I see foodies as people who would not eat fast food or junk food or profess their love for these foodstuffs. And they know much more than me about cuisine and different ethnic styles and classical techniques, and stuff. I used to be fairly knowledgeable about food, but my mind is becoming a ball of mush. Really. I've been losing IQ points since I was...22ish. I love Popeyes, I am infatuated with Inn and Out Burger, Del Taco is a booty call, Jack in the Box is a desperate void filler, hot dogs and pizza are long term casual affairs. Long John Silver is an old lover, but we still are on speaking terms, and I don't hold any jealousy for his live in relationship with KFC and Taco Bell - oh and Taco Bell was an adolescent love affair. I guess rather than a foodie, I'm more of a..... food ho.

Blah, blah, blah. So, I'm not going to explain in painstaking detail the steps for making chicken soup. Because if you need that, then either you are an inexperienced cook, or maybe you should let someone else cook it for you. I can't write out the recipe and put my loyal readers to sleep - who by the way all can cook, probably better than me, and share intersecting food tastes with me, unless they just read this for my pulitzer prize winning writing style. Okay, I'm really just too lazy to write it. But, you just simmer the chicken until it's nice and cooked, and then you pull the chicken, put other stuff in the soup, season it and put the chicken back in.

Anyhoo, I put sliced onions, mushrooms, and bok choy in it. And I garnished with bean sprouts, lime and some chili and fish sauce on the side. Unfortunately, I didn't have basil, and it defintely could have used some.

The next day, I took some of the chicken that I didn't put in the soup, and I mixed it into a seaweed salad that I made. I love seaweed salad. And it's also good for staving off that nuclear fallout from the Japanese nuclear power plant meltdown that we now hear zero news about because it's completely fixed and cleaned up and no problems there, right? Anyway, I had 3 types of dried seaweed. I'm not a marine biologist or a sea horticulturist, so, I'm not going to go into the kind of seaweed. Today is and anti-informational blog. It's like, if you were reading this for culinary education, you should have stopped at the title. If you're reading this on the shitter, that's probably more appropriate.

Anyway, I mixed all the seaweed together to hydrate, which was a rookie move. This one seaweed clearly was thicker, like kelp strips. Of course, it was a little chewy, while the other seaweed was feathery tenderness. I just made a simple dressing of sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and a little fish sauce, and sesame seeds.

I'm not very prolific when it comes to the asian condiments. Whenever I get crazy and buy a bunch of other stuff, it goes bad, falls out of the fridge door and spills everywhere, or it gets infested with moths or other pests. So, yeah. I liked it. It was delish. In fact, I didn't even eat any chicken soup for lunch, just a few big bowls of seaweed and chicken salad. And it didn't cost $10 for a teeny pile served on a fancy sushi dish by some trendy white person wearing a trendy all black long sleeve uniform complete with long black bistro apron and shiny Danskos in a trendy sushi restaurant owned by a trendy mexican with mexicans working the sushi bar. Not that there's anything wrong with that.....

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