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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

To The Max

So, one day for lunch, we found ourselves on Convoy Street, with the age old question, what to eat?

It was a little before 11, so we drove around a bit, and then I suggested China Max. We had never been there, but I remember seeing the name a lot through the years. So, we pulled into the parking lot, and they were open, so that's where we went.

It was a little fancy, so I was hoping it wasn't a little too expensive.
We sat down, and were surprised to see dim sum menus. So, that was fine. It wasn't cheap, but not any higher prices than other places for lunch. The dinner menu, on the other hand was pretty pricey. We just ordered a couple of things off the dim sum menu and one dish.

So, they brought us the egg drop soup, and it was a nice surprise to find corn in it. I love corn going in and out! It was very tasty.

Beef rice noodle. I haven't had this in a while. Nicely flavored ground beef and lots of sauce.

Rice in lotus leaf. I forgot to take a picture of the insides. It was all gooey with meat gelatin and some of the egg. Sounds gross, but it really flavored the rice.

Pork rib with black bean sauce. One of my favorites.

Rock cod with black bean sauce. The cod was good, as was the little sauce at the bottom. The big chunks of basically raw bell pepper and onion are really a loathsome ingredient to me. I can only assume, without doing research that this is a thing that developed in the USA because people felt like they weren't getting enough bang for their buck because there were not enough vegetables in their dishes, or they couldn't see the vegetables. So, to spite them, asian restaurants started putting gigantic dice vegetables into dishes and adding them at the last minute so they wouldn't shrink at all. Anyway, the sauce was good to drizzle onto my rice. I enjoyed the fish.

It was good. I would go back, but I would probably read up on the internets to see what one is supposed to get when eating there.

I wonder if one day, assuming the world doesn't end next year, our descendants will see our old blogs and posts and stuff, and say, wow, back then it looks like it was mandatory to take a picture of your food before you ate it! What a weird custom!

China Max
4698 Convoy Street C101
San Diego, CA 92111


caninecologne said...

"I like corn going in and out"!

that beef noodle looked pretty damn good.

and what an interesting thought about future generations wondering that it was de rigeur or normal taking photos of food. well, it is in my reality, but for most people, they do think it's wierd. i get wierd looks a lot when i take my food photos. eff 'em i say.

the word ver is:


the food ho said...

I find that less and less people look at me funny when I take pictures of the food in restaurants. Especially if it's a restaurant known to food bloggers, you can tell the staff is used to food paparazzi!