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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coast to Coast part 3

So, the next day was Sunday, so we had to watch football.  We never go to Steelers bars to watch games unless we are travelling.  I guess part of it is to ensure that we are going to see the Steeler game, and it's always entertaining to see Steelers fans.  They can be pretty weird.  Like the one guy who had to take up a whole big banquette, for himself and his friend who showed up an hour and a half later.  The guy who insisted on the big table was wearing Steelers logo PJs.

Anyway, the bar we went to was Rooney's.  We got there an hour early to make sure we got a good table.  We were asked if we wanted a high table or a booth.  So we opted for booth.  And then we noticed that the light fixtures kind of obscured the view.  But we assumed that there would be plenty of TVs playing the Steelers game, right?  Well, at first it was only on a fraction of all the TVs, but later on we were told that they were having an issue with the Direct TV receivers, so after a while the Steelers game was on almost half the TVs.

So, we had lunch there.  First up was pierogis.  Of course.  So, we got them,

and they were fried?!  That seemed wrong.  The sauce was fine, and the filling was fine, but it just wasn't the same.  It was like a limp empanada.

My sis got the shrimp and strawberry salad.  The shrimp looked nice and big, and it looked like a nice fresh salad.

I got the turkey cobb sandwich.  It was fine.  Nothing wrong with it, nothing special.

I also got a small caesar salad.  That was pretty good.  Good dressing.

The FP got the french dip and a salad.  Way too much food, of course.  He was there to drink beer and watch football, not to eat!!!

So, the game sucked.  The Ravens ...um... won.

So, we needed to do something fun after that.  I was determined to get into the Atlantic Ocean.  I mean, I wasn't going to fly out without even walking on the beach!  So, I suggested we drive to Delray and go to the beach.  The actual beach.  And we could explore the strip where the bars and restaurants were.

So, we parked right on the beach, and we had to walk through the trees to get to the beach, but then, there it was!  So, we walked right to the water's edge.  My sis and I were taking off our shorts and dress, and next thing I turn around, the FP is waist deep in the water!  This was quite a surprise, because he rarely goes in the water, here in the Pacific.  He will stick his toe in it and say there's no way he's going in.  The water was so warm, but not too warm.  It was perfect.  It was wonderful.  And it was kind of soft on my skin.  So, we were just swimming in the waves, and we kept getting pushed back to knee deep water.  Then we started talking about jellyfish and how I hadn't seen one in years, since they weren't very common in San Diego.  And just then, what did my finger brush up against?  The top of a jellyfish about 7 inches in diameter.  We got the fuck out of the water fast.  So, then we decided to walk along the beach.  And then we started seeing more jellyfish.  There were a lot!  One was even stranded on the beach, and we watched this mother and daughter get a plastic flipper fin and push it back into the water.  We tried to go in the water again where it was pretty clear, and again, a jellyfish was near us.  Even bigger.  It turns out, they were moon jellyfish, which are slightly venomous and only really hurt if one is extremely sensitive.  Anyway, it was better not to test that out.

So, we decided to go to this cool looking english pub we saw on the way in.  We sat outside for a few hours on the benches.  Then we needed to start thinking about dinner.  We wanted a crab shack, but it was not yet stone crab season, and it was around 8 pm on a Sunday, so a lot of restaurants were closed already.  The bartender recommended a place down the street, but it was closed.  So we drove down the street.  We didn't see anything eyecatching, so finally, we just parked and looked at every menu.  We agreed on the last place, a latino restaurant.

We got cocktails - white sangria (too sweet), red sangria (good), and mojito (delicious).

We got morcilla.  It was like blood pudding sausage.  It was rich and creamy.  Really rich and creamy.

Then we also got ceviche mixto.

Yuca frita, of course.  Love yuca!!!

The waiter kept recommending the Mariscadas, so we got it.
Good fucking recommendation!  It was really delicious!

So, of course, we also had to get Paella... which was so so good.

They had their own hot sauce, which is always a plus.  Habanero, of course.

So, it was a wonderful dinner.  And we closed the place down.  And this is when the FP agreed to move to Florida, if I was okay to move to the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area.  The FP figured, it was pretty close to Miami, and he could live with that.  Of course, now that it's getting closer, he's really pushing the Miami thing.  I don't think I really want to move into Miami without knowing the area, and not having jobs.  Plus, we could get a better place for cheaper in Fort Lauderdale, and the traffic won't be as bad.  But, you know, the FP can be very close minded when he has his mind set on something.  If we don't move into Miami, he will feel like we are in the middle of nowhere, which will not be the case.  But. we'll see what happens........

Rooney's All In
6901 Okeechobee Blvd # B1
West Palm Beach, FL 33411-2512
(561) 833-7802

Cabana El Rey
105 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 274-9090

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