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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coast to Coast part 4

So, the last meal in West Palm Beach was Jamaican.  We couldn't leave without eating at one caribbean restaurant!  So, of course the couple of places we thought of going to were closed.  Unfortunately, caribbean and Jamaican restaurants are a tough mom and pop business, and some of the best of them can close down.  Personally, I think the generous portions probably do not help the bottom line at all.  We always marvel at the portion of oxtail that is sold for a $12 plate in these joints.

Thanks to the slow iphone, we finally found an open restaurant.  I currently can't remember the name of it.  I have a text message out to the FP and my sis to see if they will remember the name.

Anyhoo, we got a meat pattie.  Flaky crust, like pie crust.  Look at the flakes.  You know, as long as the meat is seasoned, it always tastes good in a pastry.  This one was really good.

Then we got a veggie pattie.  Different crust.  It had greens, carrots and corn.  Love corn.

The FP got oxtail, of course.  He always gets oxtail, unless it's not available.

So, it was really good.  Nice and tender.  Rice was nice.  And veggies were good.  As the seasoning rule goes for meat patties, so too for the veggies at these restaurants.  Simply cooked but still good.  And oxtail.  As long as it is seasoned and cooked long enough, it's gonna be good.  And the rice, well, ideally it's cooked properly, and it has to be seasoned.

My sis and I got the jerk chicken.
I like the dark marinade.  It was a half a chicken.  That was a lot.  It was very tasty.  It was spicy, but not too spicy, but it was rich and delicious as well.  I had told my sister that she should take the leftovers, but we really didn't have much leftovers worth taking!  We killed most of it.

So, after that, we went to Barnes & Nobles.  The FP got a book, and we got frappucinos, and we sat on the benches out front and watched the rain.  For like an hour.  We watched this Mercedes in a handicapped space get rained into the open window for a while.  The guy came out though, when I was contemplating telling the cashier inside.  Someone else commented on how long we had been sitting there, as we were there when he walked in, and there after he left.  Rain.  So nice.  I know I won't be saying that in a few months when I'm over the rain.  But for now, I miss rain.  So, we said our goodbyes, knowing we would be seeing my sis soon enough.  I've now seen her in the past year and a half more than I've seen her probably in the several years prior.

So, then later, after all that good food, we had to eat shitty airport food for dinner.
The FP had the distinction of having the worst caesar salad of the whole trip.  We didn't plan to eat a lot of caesar salads, we just did.  But this sucked.  The lettuce was wilty, and the dressing wasn't very good.

I got this hotdog with mustard, green onions and fried onions.  The hotdog wasn't that good, the green onions were big slices, and the fried onions were stale.  Boo!

Oh well, we were going to need to cut down on the food intake after this weekend!

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