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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don Felix

So, we went to LA over a week ago to see our friend's band play at the Echo.  We decided to get a room and stay overnight.  So we headed up on a Sunday morning.  We stopped at a McDonald's for breakfast.  Yes.  McDonald's.  I had a hash brown, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and orange juice.  The juice was too big.  The FP had a sausage mcmuffin and a teeny yogurt and fruit parfait.  They are only 99 cents, so what do you expect.

Anyhoo, we were on our way to a dive bar to watch the Steelers game.  It was Gabe's on Sepulveda.  The place barely looked like it was open from the front.  But when we walked in there were already plenty of people there.  There were only Steelers fans in the bar, but they all were friendly.  They were just ready to get drinking and watch some football.  So, we sat at the bar.  The bartender liked to high five.  So, when the Steelers had a good play, the bartender would go down the bar and high five everyone.  You know I'm not a big high fiver.  But, of course, I had to oblige him.

After the game, we went and checked into our hotel.  It was a remodeled Quality Inn on Silver Lake Blvd.  So, we put our stuff in our room and then we went around down the street to find a restaurant.  We had gone one block to the stoplight, when we saw a peruvian restaurant across the street called Don Felix.  That was a no brainer.  We walked in, and we were sold.  It was fairly busy with all latino customers.  The coolest thing was that our waiter was chinese.  And he seemed to not know much english, or engrish if you want to stereotype.  So, he would stand by the counter with his notepad and his hands behind his back, waiting until he thought a table was ready.  We were ready for a bit, but I couldn't make eye contact with him.  We just each ordered entrees.

I got the pescado saltado.  Something different to try.
 So the fish was marinated then fried crispy with the onion, tomato garlic saute.  I always love this, but I'm a saucy girl.  I would like it more if the sauteed stuff were saucier, like even if they just added a little water.  Anyway, it was really good.  I also love that it's acceptable to eat fries and rice together!  So, if you can see in the back right corner, there's the ramekin of pale green sauce.  This was like a chile salsa, pesto like as it had nuts in it.  It was hot as fuck, which was funny because it looked innocuous enough. It was really good though.  The FP ate a lot of it.

So this is what he got.  Okay, I'm not exactly sure which dish this is, so I'm going to venture a guess - picante especial de mariscos.  So it's mussels, squid, shrimp, octopus and fish in a peanut hot sauce.  It was like the hot sauce on the table mixed in.  It was really good and creamy and hot.   We were thoroughly satisfied with our late lunch, early dinner - dinnunch or lupper or lunner.

So, then we hung out at the hotel until time to go to the show.  Or so we thought.  We were on San Diego time, not LA time.  The doors opened at 10 and the show started a little after 11.  The band we went to see was by far the best.  They are called Kindest Lines.  You should check them out if you like synth music a la Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, etc.  Really good show.

So, the next morning we were starving.  And we both knew where we were going.  Young Dong in Koreatown, of course.  I didn't take pictures I guess because I have blogged about Young Dong before here although it's weird that there were not pictures of the soup.  Anyway, you get a bowl of meat and noodles in weak beef broth.  The FP got the beef cheek, and I got the brisket and flank.  Then you season your soup with sea salt, green onions, a dry red spice, vinegar and soy sauce.  They also bring a jalapeno vinegar sauce and kimchee.  We put the kimchee in the soup too.  It's so simple but delicious.  Anyway, that was our quick trip to LA.  Short and tasty.

Don Felix Restaurant
4435 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles 90029

Young Dong
3828 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90010

Kindest Lines

P.S.  I am dumb.  I found the pictures of Young Dong that I thought I did not take!


caninecologne said...

c from cab cooks had a hot green sauce on the side when we had peruvian the other week. this shit had some kick to it.

maybe the chinese (or asian) dude as from peru? you never know...from what i've read, they have a population of chinese and japanese there. their former president (forget what year) was of japanese descent, alberto fujimora.

i see that the FP had his vintage look team shirt on too!

the food ho said...

The green sauce was really good, but quite a kick for me!

I forgot to mention how ordering from the chinese guy was like ordering in a chinese restaurant. We ordered by number, but he needed to look at the description, then he wrote it in chinese. We were wondering if he was Peruvian or not....

Yes, the Steelers shirt, he's not really a jersey type of guy.