Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Food, duh

So, I feel like I need to play cats up!  So, here goes:

El Indio

I don't have any good reason why we've never been here.  I guess it's just not in an area we frequent, so it's off the radar.

Chips and salsas.  Fresh fried chips are always nice, especially when seasoned.  Irregular cut is nice and homey!

Rolled tacos with guacamole.  When we move, can I still call it guac, or is that strictly a Cali term?  These were good.  Seasoned beef filling is important, people!

The FP's enchiladas.  He declared that this seemed like a good place to get them.  It was.  Very tasty.  He didn't finish one of the enchiladas and I ate it later that night!

soft fish taco with tartar sauce, cabbage, cilantro & tomatoes.  Nice work.

Carnitas taco with guac and ranchero salsa.  Double yum!

Okay, so one night the FP came home, and there was no meal prepared!  Bad housewife, shame on me! But, there was some leftover meat sauce.  So I made him some pizza toast!  So collegiate!

Well, he appreciated it!  Not bad for using leftovers...

Resulting soup from a trip to Mitsuwa.  Love that store!  Miso paste soup, udon noodles, bunshimeji mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, pickled lotus root and pickled seaweed salad.  We love pickles!

Spicy City

Cold dish from Spicy City.  Not as good as Ba Ren....

Stewed duck in chili sauce.  The waiter kept warning against this.  He said it had lots of bones.  So of course, we had to get it then.  It did have lots of bone chard on the account of being hacked into tiny bite sized pieces, but the meat had good flavor.  It was pretty hot.  I'm such a pussy when it comes to spicy heat now, on account of my digestive, err, issues I'm always having.

Roasted chicken, coconut rice and pigeon peas, sauteed mushroom, tomatoes and pea shoots.  Yum yum yum and good price point too!

Resulting chicken, corn and potato "gruel" as the FP termed it, from the leftover chicken.  Looked weird and chunky texture, but I thought it was good!

Whelp, that's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. And your food postings.

I have never visited N'Awlns, but I loved Layette when we visited a friend there,

Sorry that you are moving,bur looking forward to amazing posts about Cuban/Caribbean food.

the food ho said...

Thanks for reading! If you ever get a chance, go to New Orleans! While I definitely will miss San Diego and some of the restaurants that I love here, I am excited about trying lots of new places.