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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Traveling Food

(So, I started this post on last Thursday.  Sorry I have been absent from the Pork Porn Pages with all the stuff going on and the lack of internets.  We should be getting our service hooked up tomorrow, though!)

So, we've been on the road since Tuesday.  Here's what we've eaten:

Snacks packed for the trip:    Trail Mix with fruit, nuts, chocolate and yogurt covered peanuts
                                             Archer Farms strawberry and pomegranate granola bars
                                             2 packs Jack Links Beef Jerky
                                             1 case cans Diet Coke
                                             3 assorted vitamin waters
                                             bottled water
Lunch Tuesday :  Blimpie attached to a gas station - I got 6 inch turkey on wheat, FP got 6 inch beef on white - white bread was a little raw

Dinner Tuesday:  McDonald's - FP got a Big Mac combo with fries and blue powerade,  I got 20 mcnuggets and fries -  nuggets were very old, and too many were fried at once, some had the soggy spots from overcrowding

Wednesday morning:  breakfast at the hotel - FP- yogurt, coffee, OJ, orange   Me - coffee, yogurt with half a stale muffin crumbled into it, and a hard boiled egg

Wednesday lunch:  Wendy's at a gas station -  FP - chili and crispy chicken caesar salad,   Me - Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich (bun, lettuce, ranch sauce, cheese, chicken patty - needed more stuff)  and a cheeseburger

Wednesday dinner:  Taqueria Jimador - FP - shrimp and beef fajitas

Me - barbacoa gordita  and el pastor gordita

Thursday lunch:  McDonald's -  FP - burger,  me - Fries

Thursday snack:  Andouille sausage from the crock pot at a Chevron -  this was like the best thing the whole trip!!!!  I mean, the casing was tough and leathery and wrinkly, but the filling was tender and so juicy and so delicious.

Thursday night:  Jackson's on Magazine.  So, it Sugar Magnolia when we lived in New Orleans, but it is now called Jackson's.  We wanted to go to Coop's, but our friend who never had eaten at Coop's didn't want to go.  I understand that it's a nasty dive bar, but the food there is delicious!  Anyway, Jackson's was a nicer atmosphere.  The food...not so nice....

Okay, the mussels and fries were tasty.  The mussels came with a nice tasso wine sauce.  The mussels were not really served conveniently for sharing.  It came in a big bowl and we got little side plates - like square b&bs, no spoons to get the sauce out though.  So our friend offered to deshell all the mussels.  I thought it was strange...but they seemed to want to eat it that way.  So we watched her remove the shells and put them on a plate and leave the mussel meat in the bowl.

The FP's chicken and sausage gumbo, with what you can see was a very dark roux.  The waiter explained that is was a dark roux.  The flavor was okay, it was kind of separated.

The waiter, by the way, was the most interesting thing about the dinner.  He had a rather...intriguing...accent?  We were trying to figure out if it was his real voice or if he was just doing it for shits and giggles.  Our friend guessed that it sounded like the teacher on South Park.  You could also say he sounded like a Seth McFarlane character... like a banker type or something.  Anyway, it was very very distracting.

Here is my washed out picture of my shrimp and grits.  Cheddar grits were great.  Shrimp was grilled, mostly mealy, some were a little soft...like maybe a tad bit under.  The sauce.  I'm sorry, the sauce was horrendous.  It was like a tangy nightmare.  So, as the FP pointed out, it was like the chef was trying to make something similar to  Emeril's BBQ shrimp sauce, but it was way too reduced or too much worcestershire.  Ugh.  I tried to eat what shrimp were palatable, and I ate the grits.

Here is the washed out picture of the FP's shrimp romesco.  You can't really tell, but it's a similar appetizer sized version of the shrimp and grits.  Shrimp and grits and shrimp romesco ain't the same thing ya'll!!!!!!!  Okay, well, they were slightly different.  So, it had balsamic drizzle all over it, like a chain linked fence. instead of the tangy nightmare sauce I had, it was a different tangy mess.  And the cheddar grits, which as I said were good.  The FP's shrimp were the same mealy crustaceans.  And then the "romesco".  It was a yellow bell pepper sauce that seemed to be a chunky pepper puree without a trace of nut flavor in it.  As everyone knows, romesco is a pepper, garlic, olive oil type sauce.  It needs the nuttiness to make it yummy.  

Anyway, let's not dwell on the nasty part of the dinner.  We had a nice bottle of wine, good mussels, great company, and interesting service.  Our friend's sister did get this amazing looking jerk half chicken that she said was really good.  So, if you go there, maybe get the jerk chicken.


caninecologne said...

hi fh - nice roundup of your travel food. i love how you had andouille sausage from a crockpot at a chevron! that is awesome! why can'tthey have those here!?

the food ho said...

Maybe I should market gas station cookery? A line of products like sausage that can be easily heated in a crock pot that I will supply with my face on it.....