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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Whole Lotta Smoke

So, there are a lot of BBQ joints around here.  A whole lot.  That's a whole lotta smoke.  One place that we found was all because of the smoke.  They put the smoker out on the corner of the parking lot close to the street, so you can't miss it.  Maybe if it weren't for the smoker, one who is not obsessed with BBQ would easily miss the restaurant.  Not so with the smoker in place.

So, we had driven by this place a couple of times, so one day we decided to stop and eat there.  The FP pulled into the parking lot across from the smoker.  Before he pulled into a space, I started to say that maybe we should park on the other side of the building so the car won't completely reek of smoke.  As soon as I started to say that, the FP said, I knew you would say that.  So, we parked on the other side by the huge wood pile.

Got Wood?  hehehe  wood.

Here's Vanna White, I mean the FP in his lovely green SD t shirt showing us the facade of the establishment so gracefully.  Notice the matching green hoodie.  I wish he had also whipped out his iphone with the green cover, that would have been a swell picture.  He likes green.

Anyway, it's really hard to write with him looking over my shoulder.  Hopefully, I won't lose my train of thought.  I apologize if I do.

So, there was a sign saying this is a family owned establishment and all that jazz.  That's nice.  I can't imagine running a restaurant with my entire family.  Sounds like a nightmare - no offense to those of you who wouldn't bother me.  Anyway, it's easier to yell at non related employees than at relatives...

So, I had the brisket sandwich.

I was debating between that and the pork, but there was probably some dumb reasoning for picking the brisket.  It was good, but it was pulled brisket, not nice thin slices dredged in sauce.  The greens were so fucking delicious.  Collards.  Cooked long enough that the stems were tender, but not cooked down to a mush.  Now there's some good southern cookin, boy!  The baked beans were good... they tasted like baked beans.  The BBQ sauce was delicious.  It was tangy vinegary and smoky and not ultra sweet.  Good shit, good shit bro.

The FP got the ribs, of course.  Look at that plate!  Nothing like nice fatty pork ribs slathered in lots of good housemade barbeque sauce!  And these ribs were cooked so beautifully.  They weren't what some people call overcooked (I like it when the meat is falling off the bone)  but they weren't undercooked either (when you feel like you are a wild animal gnawing on the leavings of a fresh kill, trying to get every last scrap of meat from that bone).  They were goldilocks approved, just right.

The cornbread sucked.  Sorry.  It was hard and heavy and dense and undersalted and not the least bit sweet.  Weird.  Usually, bad cornbread will be too sweet.

Anyway, that was some good shit.  The only problem was, we smelled like smoke for 24 hours.  I wonder what it would have been like if we had parked near the smoker?

BBQ Jack's
500 E Oakland Park Blvd
Oakland Park, FL 33334

Oh, and Merry Christmas y'all from down south!

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