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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lookie Lookie I Love Cookies!

So, it has been 15 days since the last PPP post.  Thank fuck I don't have to apologize anymore, or make excuses about why I didn't post sooner.  It's so...so...hm.  Now, I have to come up with other stuff to write about here where I would be normally spinning an elaborate apology and telling a colorful tale of my exciting busy life that prevented me from writing.  Okay, maybe not.  So, let's just get on with the blog.

It's about cookies.  I love cookies.  I love sweets.  I have all sweet teeth, and well, it shows.  Well, it's like I stopped maturing mentally, physically and emotionally in my teens.  I like sweets.  I like junk food in general.  I like bright colors.  When shopping for home furnishings, I often find myself looking at all the kids' and teens' stuff, because they always have better colors, and more soft fuzzy furry stuff.

You know what though, I'm not really embarrassed.  It's just part of who I am.  I mean, look at Papi.  Papi (Le Batard) is Dan Le Batard's dad, and they have a show on ESPN called "Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable".  It's a great low budget way to make sports news fun.  Anyway, Papi is the star of the show, funny old cuban guy.  He loves cookies too.  So there.

Getting on with the cookies.  So, I've been sick.  And I suspect I have a systematic invasion of the candida yeast.  Now, I'm only going on my internet research, but it kind of makes sense.  Systemic candida infection goes along with not enough probiotics in one's system, because the candida hogs up all the space in one's digestive system.

Anyway, getting back to my deal with sweets.  One of the symptoms of candida infection is craving for all things bad, especially sugars and starches - which yeast loves.  I love love love sugars and starches.  I crave this stuff.  When I worked (LOL) I used to need a sugar fix every day sometime during the day.  It was like, I didn't feel right on days I didn't have something sweet.  I've cut down a lot, which some people would say is still too much.  But you know, sometimes, I just have the urge and for whatever reason, I let myself be suckered into it by my candida and by my emotional need for sweets as well.

So, during Christmas, when we went to Whole Foods, I felt like I should get some kind of dessert type thing.  I looked at all the cakes and pies and stuff, and the in house baked cookies.  And things were either too expensive or not that great looking and too expensive.  So then I saw these packaged florentines that looked really good:

The pictures don't do them justice.  These are crispy gooey lace cookie sandwiches with milk chocolate filling and toasty caramely macadamia nuts.  Oh man, they were so good.  On Christmas night, everyone else had one, I had two.  Later on, I believe over the course of a week, I finished the rest of them.  So, so effing good!

So, then, a week or so ago, we went to this great Italian market in North Miami Beach.  Laurenzo's.  Well, it's an Italian market,  but it has all kinds of products from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia too.  So, it's kind of perfect for us.  And of course they had a great bakery.  There were stacks and stacks of cookies and pastries and cakes.  I was getting visual sugar overload, so I could not leave there without getting something!  So I got a small box of cookies.

So, I got wedding cookies, and chocolate and vanilla florentines.  They were all delicious.

Wedding cookies have always been a special treat for me.  When I was a kid, every once in a while we would get Stella D'oro wedding cookies, and I always had to resist the urge to polish them all off.  Of course, these were fresh made right in the bakery.  And they were perfect size so that I didn't have to feel quite as guilty for eating several cookies at a time!

Between the two florentines, I can't choose one I liked better than the others.  I just can't.  The best, really was to eat one of each cookie.  I ate 3/4s of the box.  Over the course of maybe a week though.  Even though every time I ate them, I could picture my systematic yeast monster gorging on the cookies and multiplying and enlarging all inside me.

So, I had been cookie free for a few days.  Oh wait, I lie.  We had gone to this other Italian market a while ago, and I had gotten pizzelles there.  They were packaged, and not nearly as good as the ones my mom's patient would give us every Christmas, so I didn't really eat them.

Until I had polished off the bakery cookies and I was craving more cookies late at night.  Sad.  Yes, I am.  Apparently there is a new category of eating disorder though, called Night Eating Syndrome, or midnight hunger.  Yes, that's what I have!  Well, okay, the thing is that I definitely get more lonely, sad, feelings of despair when it's late at night and I'm the only one awake.  And a midnight snack always helps me feel better.  It really does, even if I feel guilty for eating unhealthy shit.

So, I was ready to shed this cookie addiction.  Really.  I was.  until we went to Publix today, and what evil people were out front?  You guessed it!  GIRL SCOUTS!  dun dun dun!!!!  So, how the fuck was I supposed to walk in, make groceries, and walk out past them and not support the cause?  That would just be wrong, right?  So, I did restrain myself though.  I only bought one box.

Oh, I could eat any and all of the Girl Scout brand cookies.  The FP doesn't like the tagalongs, but other than those, I could buy any of them.  But I just got the one.  When I was a kid, I hated things with shredded coconut in them.  Because usually, the shredded coconut was tasteless and it was like chewing grass.  I think I was spoiled by the times my dad would crack open a fresh coconut and we would either just eat it in chunks, or he would shred it for my mom's suman.  Yum.  More sweets on my mind!  Anyway, I got Samoas.  And I'm probably going to break the first sleeve open tonight!

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