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Monday, January 2, 2012

Senor Cafe

So, have you ever driven by a place and thought it wasn't worth your time because of where it was or how it looked?  That's what I thought of Senor Cafe.  But then when I looked it up on the internets it had really good reviews.  Oh, and a good price point.

So, we went there.  It was kind of late, so we seemed to have avoided the lunch rush.  Which was a good thing, because service was very slow, as is expected in ethnic restaurants.  I swear, yelpers go into McDonald's and expect the same service they would get at the French Laundry or something.

So, I had originally wanted a Cuban sandwich.  That's what they say is good there, but, once I looked at the menu... I just couldn't have a cuban sandwich.  There was so much more yummy looking stuff on the menu!

Like fried pork chunks.  Yum!  And to anyone who thinks that sounds fatty and unhealthy and appalling, why are you even reading this blog then?  It's called The Pork Porn Pages.

Anyway, I got congri and tostones with my fried pork chunks.  The congri was yummy, well seasoned.  The tostones were HUGE, but they were perfectly smashed and fried.  Just really some of the best tostones I have ever had.  And the pork with the onions... well, do I really have to say anything more about it?  Fuckin fatty delicious, fried pork.  Crispy outside, tender juicy inside.  Some chunks were pure fat!!! That's a good thing, btw, no, it's a great thing!  So, effing good!  And with a squeeze of the lime, that would be my last meal on death row, maybe.

Oh yeah, here's the warm buttery bread that we got while we were waiting for our food.  We don't generally eat the waiting for food bread, but I'm a sucker for nicely warmed sliced baguette, or rather, cuban bread, right, since it's in a cuban restaurant?

This was the FP's light lunch.  Whaaat?  Oxtail for like $10.99?  For realsies.  For true.  No jokes bro, no jokes.  Really really nicely cooked.  Tender, delish, and look at all that sauce!  You could have a facial with it!

And here's his beans and rice.  Also good.  We still haven't had bad beans and rice here.

So, a couple days later, we were still so high on Senor Cafe that we went again.  The FP got the same oxtail dish.  It was salty.  Like really salty.  You had to eat it with rice to make it edible.  Which was a shame.  Such a waste of good primo oxtail.  Don't get me wrong, the FP didn't return it or complain, he ate a lot of it.  We figured, whoever reheated it put salt in it without tasting, so it was double salted.  It was Monday.  Sadly, Monday is often the B team shift...

Here's another picture of beans and rice.  I guess I didn't feel the need to take a picture of the oxtail again.

So, this time, I decided to get a cuban sandwich.  I wanted a "lighter" lunch.  LOL.  Anyway, it was  okay.  It wasn't quite as pressed as I sometimes like them, but that's not a complaint, more of an observation.  There were only 3 measly pickle slices for the whole sandwich, so that was a bummer.  I like pickle in every bite.  That's me though.  I like to overdo everything.  Really we wonder if the super pressing of cuban sandwiches is an americanized thing.  Probably.  who knows.

So, there's a latino supermarket next to Senor Cafe.  So we went in to check it out.  I have been on the lookout for a grocery store halfway as cheap and plentiful as Pancho Villas, but haven't found it.  We did pick up a couple things though and Presidente Supermarket, though.

So they had this FOUR milk, quatros leches, cake.  They had the option of three or four, but who would pick three?  Anyway, this one had dulce de leche.

Here's the blurry picture of it.  Anyway, it was sweet.  Way sweet.  Super sweet.  I can maybe see why one might opt for the tres leches instead.  Don't get me wrong.  The FP had one or two bites.  I ate half of it one night, and I finished it the second night.  On the third night, the FP asked if there was any left, and I just laughed at him.  As if.

Super jumbo can of Bustelo.  It's like 3 times the size of the regular can.  It was just a little cheaper per ounce, but the comfort of knowing we wouldn't have to buy coffee every week is nice.  Love Bustelo. We still haven't ventured to Little Havana for a cuban coffee though.  I'm not sure why.

Senor Cafe
1520 Federal Hwy
Hollywood, FL 33020

Presidente Supermarket
1510 Federal Hwy
Hollywood, FL 33020


Wholesale Food said...

Nice post!!

Fried pork chunks looking very delicious.

the food ho said...

Thanks WF! Every time I see that picture I crave that dish!