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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let Me Eat Cake

So... here's a little short post.  It's been humid, and we've had some rain.  And boy are our plants loving it!  I think I already posted pictures here, but you know,  like the way people post about their kids... or their dogs... or their cats... I'm talking again about our plants.

And here is tonight's picture of the wheatgrass.  I wish we could plant the whole yard with wheat grass instead of bermuda grass.  The wheat grass in the fridge that I take out and put next to the cats' food bowl was not looking good, so I just took the old stuff out and dug out some new wheat grass and put it in the where the old stuff was.  The cats loved it.  They were like, "new wheat grass, finally!!!"

Anyway, enough about the kids.  Can I tell you about the cake that the FP baked me?  

Notice I didn't think to take a picture until I had already had a piece!  So, last week, he had to bake a cake for his clients.  It was weird, because it seemed to be for a Super Bowl party.  Like everyone has bean dip, chips and salsa, and chocolate cake, right?  So, like I always do, I said, oh good, you can make me a cake too!  And, then, when he left, there was a cake for me!  

Seeing as how his MO is "I hate chocolate", which isn't really true, it was very sweet of him to make this for me.  It's one of the "sweetest things" anyone has ever done for me!  *sniff*sniff* har har

Anyway, he made it on Sunday.  Contrary to my pledge to cut down on candida feeding foods and drinks, I've been eating cake every damn day.  

This is what's left.  I will finish this sucker off by tomorrow night for sure.  It is only starting to get a little stale.  And do you like the way I've left it on the same plate.  I obviously have scraped the plate with my finger on occasion when putting the plate back in the fridge.  I'm such a pig!!!

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