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Friday, October 26, 2012


So, I recently subscribed to Netflix for the first time ever. That was in order to watch Breaking Bad. But we're down to the last episode of season 4, and 5 isn't available yet.

But did you know there's other things to watch on Netflix? So I think so far I've only watched 2 documentaries. Two totally opposite restaurant owners.

So the first was "Jiro Dreams Of Sushi. It's about this master sushi chef in Tokyo who has been perfecting his craft for like 60 years or something. Hard worker, neat, organized and precise. You have to make reservations, and you don't pick off a menu and they serve nothing but sushi.

Sounds fabulous, no? Not exactly my philosophy, because I do like to enjoy life, but very admirable. Would love to eat there someday.

The other documentary is "I Like Killing Flies". Dirty little mom and pop neighborhood restaurant in Greenwich Village. While the owner is also a workaholic, it's for other reasons. To calm the storm inside. And to feed his "family". His menu has like a ridiculous number of items... Like 200 soups and countless pancakes, etc.

What do both owners have in common?

The drive to work above all else.
The commitment to employing and training their kids.
The inability to compromise - Jiro serves whatever menu he puts together and nothing else. Kenny doesn't serve parties larger than 4 no matter what.
The guts to run their restaurants the way they see fit, whether or not they b may seem like model business plans or not.

Both seemed to run a little too long for my taste, but both were very inspiring.

We need to open our own restaurant, damnit!


caninecologne said...

hi fh!

fyi - when bourdain was in sd for the comic con, he was promoting this graphic novel about jiro:


i haven't read it yet but would like to...

as for the movie, i'm curious about it too! will wait til it gets 'on demand'...

the food ho said...

Hey CC!
I will have to check that out. Sounds interesting...

When you get a chance, you should watch the movie. It's very interesting compared to when you think about all the new fangled sushi joints in SD with mexican sushi chefs and sake martinis, etc!