Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Asian Day

So, I had a pan asian day of eating.  I haven't had that in a while.  I went to the tiny Thai store to get some stuff.  I needed soy sauce.

They didn't have any.  Any REAL soy sauce that is.  They had the fake stuff with sugar and caramel color and stuff.  They did have these though:

They were like green pea nori wasabi fries.  They were pretty good.  Not nearly as good as those Calbee snow pea snacks.

The Thai store also sells some packaged prepared foods.  I spied some steamed pork buns, so I bought a pack.  There were four, so I ate two for lunch and saved the other two for dinner.  They had ground pork, mushroom and egg in them.  They were really good and flavorful.

So, then, for dinner, I was going to make chicken adobo, and the FP's request.  So, I went to Bravo Supermarket, which is the latino store in the neighborhood.  I got the chicken there - thighs and drumsticks.

I still needed the REAL soy sauce, but of course there wasn't any there.  So, I had to go to Publix.  Just to get soy sauce.  The whitest store of the 3 was the only one that had real soy sauce.  There was even Publix brand soy sauce, but I was a little leery of it, so I just got Kikkoman.

When I got in line in the 10 items or less express land, I noticed I was standing behind a very tall black man with an athletic build.  He had to be an NBA player.  Had to.  I couldn't really see his face, because if I really tried to look at his face, I would be looking straight up at him and it would be obvious.  Anyway, he bought strawberries (or was it strawberry jam?  I only saw the POS screen, not the actual groceries) and wheat bread.

So, anyway, I went home and I started the adobo in a pan on the stove, and then I transferred it to the slow cooker to finish.  It stewed pretty nicely, but I should have cut it off sooner.  The meat all was shredding off the bone.  Which, that is fine, but it's easier to dish up when it's still intact.

Here it is:

I put mushrooms and ginger in it - so don't go telling me how it's not traditional.  That's what my mom would say when I would tell her how I made my adobo.

It was pretty good.  But I still like pork adobo better than chicken, because pork is my favorite meat in the world!  Anyway, the FP enjoyed it, which is most important of all.

So, for dessert, I thought I had bought soursop candies, but they were actually guava.  We used to love the soursop candies at Sab E Lee.  Sometimes, we would get the durian candy, which was a disappointment, but we loved when we got the soursop ones.  Anyway, the guava is pretty close but sweeter and not as tangy.

And that was my asian food day!

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