Islander Grill, Tiramisu

For lunch yesterday I had fruit and yogurt, then I had some tiramisu from Barolo in UTC. Healthy, huh? Well, it was hot and I didn't feel like eating solid food. The tiramisu was delicious. I love mascarpone in stuff. I've never actually eaten there, but it's upscale and supposed to be good. I know they get specialty items like John Dory and rabbit sometimes.

For dinner, I went to the North Park Farmers' Market. I was going to get that african food from...Aziba? I wish I could remember the name. Anyway, they have a huge combo plate for like under $10. The lady wouldn't sell it though because she said there were too many flies. She had everything on steam tables and they were covered with aluminum pans. I guess she didn't want a bunch of flies swarming the food. I wonder if she sold it later. Anyway, I was very disappointed. So I went to Islander Grill. I wanted to call and order ahead of time, but I couldn't remember the name of the one dish. So I went there, and it only took 20 minutes, which is the shortest amount of time I've had to wait. If you don't know this place, it's Guamanian. It's on Park Boulevard, just south of University Ave. The website is I haven't looked at the website yet, so I don't know how up to date it is. It's got this island hut theme, really cute, even though it's attached to some shady looking Embassy Hotel or some name like that. So what I got was the Kadon Pika Manok. That's chicken wings stewed in soy sauce, lemon, onion, garlic and pepper. Really tasty - although it was kinda room temperature, so I'm not sure what they were doing that it took 20 minutes but was not piping hot. And the red rice that comes with it - seasoned with annatto - was basically cold. The Chicken Kelaguen Bowl was good, and it is supposed to be cold or room temp, I think, so that was fine. It's like chopped grilled chicken tossed in ceviche ingredients. And the side dish that comes with combos is that macaroni salad that seems to be prevalent in some restaurants around town. It's really so much better though, when you splash some of the finadene on it. Finadene is like a soy sauce that they doctor up with some lemon juice and hot peppers and stuff.