Braised Beef Ribs

So last Saturday at this time, I was at work. I am like one of those 9-5ers now. I don't work weekends. I have been at my job for 1.75 years now, and last Saturday was the first weekend lunch I've worked. I worked Saturday night twice - that was really boring. But Saturday and Sundays breakfast shift are where the action is at.

That's the thing about working in the "biz". I'm masochistic by nature. So I am at my job I'm always trying to prep any free minute I get because as soon as I clock in, the kitchen is open for business. At other places, generally you get a few hours prep before the place opens. So most of the time I get an hour or two before I really get any orders. But sometimes some sick sons of bitches come in at 6 and order all kinds of sht. I think I digressed. That's not like me at all. The point is that when it's busy I'm stressed out and I hate it, but I kind of derive pleasure from all the action - it's kind of like working out I guess. I feel better after it's over.

Anyway, I'm a pussy now in regards to working hard compared to previous jobs. So working 6 mornings in a row was very draining. I was so exhausted. I got home around 2:30 and the Food Pimp had lunch waiting for me. And what a lunch it was. But I was so exhausted that we got in a fight and I took a nap for 30 minutes in bed, then he coaxed me out into the living room to eat. God, I'm such a bitch.

Anyway, he braised beef ribs which he made rice for and garnished with shredded cabbage and red onion, and he made ceviche. To tell you the truth, the braised beef was excellent - the ceviche was boring. The problem with the ceviche was that he used tilapia. I think it just doesn't have much flavor, so the ceviche didn't have much flavor. He made it right and the lime and cilantro and tomato juice in was in tasted good. But the fish didn't have much flavor. Some people like that though. But the braised beef ribs - um um good! Do you ever want to have a whole stockpile of meals that you love that never spoil and you can eat at a moment's notice? Well, I do, and this blog is about me. So anyway, I would love to have a reserve of this beef rib stew. It was so fucking good it made me want to beat up my parents. That's the saying, right? Oh. No, it's "it's so good you'll slap yo mama." I like my expression better. People might not find that funny though. I'm not here to amuse you. I'm really just writing this as a public service for education on the topic of gastronomics. So here's the recipe the way the FP would give it to you:

It's Like, Uh, Braised Beef Ribs Recipe, The Food Pimp Style

so these are the ingredients, I think

new mexico chilis - rehydrated
cascabels - no serrano ham - no serrano chilis
chick peas
crushed tomato
beef ribs
salt ginger
lime juice

So, you know, use common sense when you think about how much to use of everything. Don't ask for measurements because I don't roll like that, Dog. You know, it's cooking. Anyone can do it - my monkey could cook this. So anyway, just throw everything in a big pot and simmer it for a few hours. When the meat is cooked - tender but not completely falling off the bone, it's ready.