Nice Saturday

So the weekend before I got sick, we had a pleasant Saturday. I'm not being sarcastic either. We got up early and went to the Pacific Beach farmers' market. We were hoping for vendors, but it's in the parking lot of a shopping center, so I guess you can't compete with the tenants. We did see nice produce and stuff. Then we walked along the beach for a bit.

Then we were both starving, so we ended up at Milton's in Del Mar. We didn't know where to go, but then I remembered that place, and it turned out to be way better than we expected. It's right on Via de la Valle. It's pretty big, and it reminds me of the kind of restaurants they have way up in Orange County, those big places, you know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, the Food Pimp got corned beef hash, and I got french toast with pecans and strawberries. So I didn't know what to expect. I thought maybe this would be a big mistake and it'd be the equivalent of eating at an overpriced Denny's. Luckily I was wrong. The FP got an onion bagel, and it was big and fresh and very lightly toasted. I like them that way. It was really good - especially after the einstein bagels we use at my place. I mean they are okay, but they are kind of like fake bagels to me. Not very New York like. You know? Anyway, his corned beef hash was made from real corned beef.

It was kind of rough pulsed or chopped. So you could tell it was corned beef. Unfortunately, judging from the deli counter that they have when one first walks into the restaurant, I don't think they make their own corned beef at this restaurant. That's a shame, but the corned beef hash was delicious anyway. The home fries that came with his corned beef hash was also good. The potatoes were tender yet crispy, and there was bell pepper and onion in it too, and it was seasoned! And then his eggs were very nicely cooked. That is very important, but some people take this forgranted if they always get properly cooked eggs. Then one day they get an improperly cooked egg, and they freak out!

So I got the french toast with strawberries and pecans. The strawberries looked good, but they weren't very sweet. Plus we had just sampled some good strawberries at the farmers' market that were, of course, way better. So here's the thing about french toast here in SD. From the french toast I've had - which we have it at Wired, then I had it at that French place in Hillcrest - St. Tropez. And I feel like I've had it at the Mission or somewhere, but I don't really remember, so that doesn't count. The point is, these places kind of use blended eggs, so they don't adhere to the bread the same way hand scrambled eggs do, so it ends up being a piece of toast dipped in egg. Not a big fluffy piece of eggy bread. I've gotten used to it, but the FP has not, so he pretty much hated the french toast. I thought it was pretty good. They used chale bread, of course, and the pecans were good. I don't know, if I were still a kid I might not like it as much. But not bad.

I give Milton's \/\/\/\ seven chopsticks because it way exceeded our expectations. I want to go sometime though, and try the sandwiches - then I might have to change my rating.

After breakfast, we drove up to the Vegetable Shop at Chino Farms. I forgot to bring a cooler and it was a warm day, so we didn't buy anything, but the produce was beautiful. I mean all kinds of greens, lettuces, baby carrots that were orange, red, white, purple, clean celeriac, some stuff I've never seens. It was amazing.

Just look at some of this stuff!

So after that, we went through the backroads to go to guitar center in San Marcos. We had never been that way, and we happened upon Lake Hodges. It was beautiful.

This is not a good representation

But we also saw some of the burn area. That was just strange.

So we went to guitar center, got what we needed. And for the record, the staff there is not nice or helpful, they are kind of assholes. The guitar center on the 8 is waaaaay better.

Then we went to the practice space and recorded. Then we went to Marukai and had that great dinner from the previous blog - the pike mackerel and the sausage. It was a great day. Then a couple days later I was deathly ill and I am still kind of recovering from this.