quick and lazy soup

So last week I went to the practice space to pick up some equipment. So I thought I would go on over to Marukai "shopping center". If you live in San Diego and you haven't been, check it out. It is on the corner of Balboa Ave. and Mercury right by the 163 ramp. It is three different stores that are all Marukai. One is the market, one is called Living - which has appliances, healthcare products and home decor and furniture, and the third is Daiso. It's like the $1.50 store. It's great.

Anyway, I went into the market hoping for hamachi kama. Last time we went in the 3 packs of it didn't look fresh. This time there was none at all. No seafood jumped out at me, so I stared at the meat for 5-10 minutes. I can be a slow decision maker sometimes. That's because when I make a quick call on the fly, it's always the wrong call. So I looked at the price per pound of all the beautiful fatty beef, and I decided on Harris Ranch chuckroll.

So I was pretty tired, and I didn't want to really put any effort into cooking. Luckily, I didn't have to. I had some stuff at home and I bought a few things for filler. I made dashi miso soup and cooked some rice. Easy sleazy.

Lazy Ho Miso Soup

1/2 c dashi miso paste (actually I don't know how much, I just kinda take your whisk and stick it in the container and grab some and then whisk it into the water. There are proportions on the label if you want to be scientific)(The Food Pimp Helpful Hint #1 - don't get plain miso because that is boring shit, the dashi miso has much more flavor)

2 qts water

1 pack enoki mushrooms - cleaned and separated

6 heads baby bok choy - cut in quarters and washed

3 cups pea sprouts washed

2 cups edamame

4 cups cooked rice - unless you're not like us and you don't eat as much rice as we do, then cook less

.75lb thinsliced chuckroll beef

ponzu sauce for garnish

siracha or chili paste for garnish

So this is soooooo easy. Get your water boiling. Whisk in the miso paste. Let it come back up to a boil and reduce the heat so it simmers. Add the baby bok choy, let it cook for a minute. Add the edamame, mushrooms and pea sprouts. Give those a minute. Then when you are ready to eat, put rice in your bowl, put some slices of beef in the bowl. Bring the soup back up to a boil, then ladle some in over the meat. Stir it around for a bit. Add your ponzu and hot sauce. But that's all it really needs.

Here's some beefy food porn:


boom chicka


ow chicka


oom chicka


chicka chicka


wow wooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

If you want your beef cooked really well, then put it in the soup pot. But I find that putting individual portions in individual bowls is better. Why? Because I'm the Food Ho be-och. No really, because this is very flavorful fatty meat, and all the fat from the slices of meat will infuse into the water just like tea. So you want all the flavor from your meat in your bowl - don't share it in the communal pot! It's about food - survival - resources are getting scarce you know.

Here's how it looks:

See the sheen of fat sparkling on the surface! That's just lovely!

Seriously. This is some good simple shit. Okay, I confess, the beef wasn't as good as the Berkshire pork - but I was expecting that. Pork is my favorite flesh - for those of you who haven't discovered that fact about me yet.

And for those of you who are dying to know - pea shoots... A little background. The FP does not digest certain leafy green veggies, along with the usual peanuts and corn. Yes, we have been eating pea shoots for a week now on and off. And yes, the Food Pimp did find some floaties in the toilet bowl. But they were brown, not bright green like last time. So there was a little decomposition involved.

Also of note, I found a brown, but long stem in the toilet bowl at work! It was about 2 inches! Yes, I do number two at work. The thing is when I feel it, it's coming out soon and that's that. But I was excited and I wanted to text the Food Pimp about it, but I think I forgot. Anyway, he'll read this, then we'll all know.

Happy eating!