Dinner - Food Pimp Style

So, last night, we were working on this new song in the practice space. Our practice space happens to be off of Convoy Street, which is quite convenient some great food. But, we are low on cash right now, so we didn't go out to any of the find eating establishments in the area. Instead, we went to the Albertson's right there on Balboa.

I didn't feel like cooking, so it was up to the FP. He wanted to make basically the same thing he made two weeks ago before 4th of July, curried okra and ground lamb. But since we were at Alberton's, we settled for ground beef. If you knew how many times we think we've gotten "sick" (as in, the way the FP gets after eating cabbage and other green leafy veggies) off of ground beef products from Albertson's, you would think we were nuts for still going back and buying it from there.

Well, if you haven't been reading this blog for very long, I'll give you a hint...

I mean, come on.....

Anyway, I guess there was a ground beef recall just last week - this week. So actually, I think the safest time to buy a product is just after the recall - because they sure as hell aren't going to put out a tainted product when it's being advertised all over the media. Here's another hint though. Make sure you cook your ground beef thoroughly, and when reheating it or cooking those frozen premade meatballs, make sure it comes up to temperature. That means, it should be hot! Not kinda warm or a little tepid - hot. My problem is that I think of my stomach as indestructable. I imagine I have all kinds of good bacteria lurking around in there, from my childhood years. But hey, if you're not careful...watch out.

Getting back to the story at hand. Last night the FP made curried okra and ground beef over rice. With frozen okra. Shhhh! Don't tell Gordon Ramsey, he'll have a shit fit! He hates frozen food. I hear that he doesn't even serve ice cream - just liquid custard unchurned! But yeah, frozen okra. I had only really seen the frozen breaded stuff that you fry. But here in good old SoCal, there is not a bounty of okra as in Looziana. I've seen fresh okra at the asian markets - $4 for about a third a pound. So, no we don't use fresh okra here.

I told the FP that if I had never tasted the lamb version of this particular dish, how I would say the ground beef version would have blown me away. Unfortunately, I had tasted the lamb, and the ground beef was only extremely delicious to the 90th degree, rather than to the 100th degree. Anyway, here is the recipe. I'll try to relay it to you the way the FP would.


curried okra And Ground lamb or Beef, Food pimp Style

onion- whatever, purple, white, yellow - oh, one or two of them. chop them up. Or you can slice them if you want

ground beef or lamb - you know, a pack of it

garlic - I don't know how much, however much you want. if you LikE it Garlicey than put alot. If not then just put a clove of two

diced tomato - a can of IT.

OKRA- a package of the frozen sliced Kind

one half jar of Spice Island curry power

So, saute the onion and garlic. Add in the ground beef, and brown it. Put in the curry powder now. Then add in teh tomatas,and the okra wtoo. When it's all cooked, it's done.

for the onion Relish:
fine diced onion
sliced SERRANOS - Not the HAm, although that might be good too
rice wine vinegar
new mexico chile powder
(oh, I don't know about the measurements, you know, whatever looks right. It's onion garnish, don't worry about how much)