I should be ashamed to call myself a Pilipina

So Wednesday night, the FP had a cooking class. One of the recipes was fried chicken. So he bought a bunch of chicken legs and there was a pack for us for dinner. I didn't have much money, and I was busy working on this new song that I just can't finish. So I have to admit, I wasn't into cooking. I took the big soup pot and literally put the chicken legs in, and then I added the ingredients that I use for adobo, more or less. Then I turned the heat on and let it cook. Not very good. I didn't taste it at all, or put the love and care that I usually put into it. So, it was edible, but too acidic and just not very good. I'll admit it. Some of you probably think I'm full of shit sometimes, because most of what we cook at home is "delicious" and "scrumptious" and all that. Well here is an example of a meal that was not all that or a bag of chips. Not even those crappy golden flake brand chips that are like greasy scabs. And on top of that, my guitar track didn't come out right - it was out of time. But most of the vocal track was okay.

Don't Make This Sorry Excuse For Adobo Recipe
i repeat - don't make it!

8 chicken legs
6 bay leaves
a pinch of peppercorns
a few coriander seeds
10 oz soy sauce
4 oz fish sauce
8 oz rice vinegar
3 oz honey
1/2 onion diced
3 cloves garlic

So it didn't have enough sweetness, and then I put it in a pot that was too big so the liquid didn't cover the chicken. Also, the way that I usually make it - others do it differently - is I sear the chicken, take it out, put in the onion, garlic and peppercorns and coriander and bay leaves, let that stuff cook. Then I add the sauce ingredients and then put the chicken back in. In a pot that is small enough to make it all cozy so that the chicken is submerged in the liquid. So don't do what I did here. It's no good.

On another note. We went to Conching's Cafe last weekend for breakfast. It was either 9 or 10 am. We usually go to Tita's Kitchenette, but we thought we'd try something different, since we hadn't been there in a while. From what I remembered, Conching's always had a few seafood dishes, so that would be disappointing. Unfortunately, they had none on this day. Anyway, we both had no trouble deciding. I got the pork adobo and the roast pork with the vinegar and onion and bell pepper. I wish I knew what it was called. Can anyone tell me? I'm so unfilipina... The FP got the adobo and this beef and onions dish. So we went to pay, and we realized that they only took cash. Then we realized that the FP "forgot" his wallet. He does that a lot. So I had to go to the bakery next door to get cash out. When I walked in, the bell rang. So this lady came out from the back, and saw that I just needed cash. She asked me if I wanted a pan de sal sample. I said, sure, of course. So she handed me a roll in a paper bag! What a score. It was nice and warm. So soft and yeasty, and a little sweet. My parents are always looking for pan de sal when the come visit. They usually get the grocery store kind, which is not the same. Now I know where to go when they come back to visit.

So the roast pork with onion, peppers, green onions. It's like ceviche. At Tita's they serve it room temperature. At Conching's it was hot. Not as good. The pork wasn't crispy, it was stronger and vinegaryer. It wasn't bad, just not as wonderful as the Tita's version. It was just good.

The adobo. That was nice and greasy, and fatty, and there were large pieces of pork fat that just came away with the plastic foork that were tender and flavorful. I know that might sound gross to a lot of people - but you know the old Emeril adage, right? The sauce could have been a little more acidic, but that's what that garlic vinegar is for that they have in the squeeze bottles on the condiment table. So I used the pan de sal to soak up all the greasy and vinegary sauces.

The FP's steak and onions turned out the be steak and goat and onions. We were thinking that they put the two leftovers together maybe thinking they were the same. At any rate, it was quite a pleasant surprise. The rich soy saucey beef and goat tasted great together. Anyway, not a drop dead gorgeous meal, but pretty good, and a different experience for you to read about. Aren't we courteous to think of all you dear FH and FP fans when we eat?


caninecologne said…
the pork dish you describe with vingegar, onions and green onions (also being like ceviche), might be Sisig.

Look on mmm-yoso's site. If you do a search on his blog, you'll come across his posts on sisig and pictures too. the third one on the list has a post (wednesday wanderings) about conching's sisig.

i like that stuff too. my parents don't make it tho'. it's just a food that i see at parties, but it's pretty damn good.
The Food Ho said…
So I looked at Mmm Yoso's site, and it is Sisig. Thanks, caninecologne! I could go for some Sisig right now.
KirkK said…
Hey TFH - Conching's Sisig is my favorite by far. You lucked out, they don't always have it.