mitsuwa dinner

So, Tuesday, I was in the neighborhood, so I went to Mitsuwa to pick up some stuff for dinner. I didn't feel like making a production, so I made one of our favorite comfort meals. Saba, edamame, mushrooms and rice.

Easy Peasy Mackerel & Edamame Dinenr

3/4# saba - that's mackerel to you laymen
1 pack frozen shelled edamame - that's edamame to you nonfoodies
1 pack bunshimeji mushrooms split by hand, not by knife - that's beech mushrooms to you food challenged ones, everyone knows what bunshimeji mushrooms are, right?
medium grain extra fancy rice- make sure ya'll get the extra fancy stuff
1 little nub of ginger, hand chopped or sliced thin, but not pureed or minced to death please
2 cloves garlic smashed, once again not pureed or squozen through one of those garlic presses
4 oz ponzu sauce, yes I bought a new bigger bottle of the stuff
1 oz sesame oil

So for the edamame and mushrooms: Saute the ginger and garlic until you start to smell it cooking. Then throw in the mushrooms. Make sure its on high heat. Let the
mushrooms go a bit, then throw in the edamame. Toss them around the pan, saute for one minute, then add the ponzu and sesame oil and cover. Let steam for a few minutes.


For the mackerel, dry the fillets as much as you can. Put some salt on it. Heat a really good saute or cast iron pan up really hot. Add some oil, let it coat the whole surface in a thin layer. This is important - let the oil get hot as well! If you put oil in and put the food in without heating the oil, it's gonna stick. So when it's all nice and hot, gently put one fillet in skin side down. Drag it through the oil around the pan. Do the same with the other. Let it go. Every once in a while after the first minute, you can shake it a bit to see make sure it doesn't stick, but it shouldn't if you followed all the preceeding steps. Now let it go on this one side until you see the edges on the top side starting to turn opaque - maybe 5 minutes. Then flip them, and shake them around a bit. Let them go maybe another 3 minutes. They should feell firm. Drain on paper towels and serve with the rice and edamame mushroom saute right away!