OMG Not Again!!!!!!!!!

So, I have to inform you of this. You will probably not believe this.

Okay, so those of you who "read" this blog know about the Food Pimp's digestive intolerance for cabbage? Well, you know how I made slaw for 4th of July? There was half a head of red or purple cabbage, if you will, in that bottom compartment in the fridge. He usually doesn't look in there. Well he did today. He cooked up almost all of that half a head, and guess what was going on when I got home from work? Yes, the big capital D. He must have gone 4 times before work, and it was those, oh, I have to go kind of moments. Yes he had to work, but it's not a foodborne illness kind of deal. Don't worry though, it's a wine class, anyway.