One week to Blogoversary!

Why am I so excited? Because I just found the blogoversary button 2 weeks ago, and now I know when it is!!!

If you go back to the earlier entries, they probably are not as interesting or funny. To tell you the truth, I'm a writer at heart, but before I started doing this blog, I had not been putting pen to paper or should I write fingers to keyboard for anything other than emails, web searches. I hadn't written much creative, besides song lyrics, and I don't know if you would call them creative if you read them anyway.

Anyway, Ringo has gone kaput. So if you look at some older blog entries and don't see a photo, that's because it was from ringo. I am trying to repost these pictures, but I'm kind of not looking forward to this. It's kind of tedious, and not nearly as fun as writing new blog entries!