How lame....

So, I've only posted 8 blog entries this month - I'm going to at least make it an even 9. That's a joke, because I'm asian (pacific islander really) and everyone knows we're all good at math. I just don't happen to have my pocket abacus handy right now - two of the beads broke off and I only realized that after balancing my checkbook - so it didn't reconcile with my bank statement! How nuts is that?

Anyway, it could be worse right, I find blogs that are inactive for months, but I don't want to lean on that as an excuse to not blog. So here's an interesting tidbit. We went to Tita's a couple weeks ago when we were in the process of moving. I think we needed some soul food sustenance to keep us going - even though that stuff just makes us want to nap a half hour after we've eaten.

So it was a little later than usual - maybe 9, 9:30. It was a tough decision for me, because there was no lechon or sisig, which I am really addicted to. I need crispy roast pork at least once a month. Good thing I'm not actually a pig, I would be quite the cannibal. There was a little line. But enough people in front of us so that I could get a good look at the food. I'm so excitable. Either I premeditate every move I make, or I make a crazy thoughtless decision on the fly. Especially when it comes to food.

So anyway, we saw this saucy red stuff, and it looked really good. I couldn't tell what it was until I got up close to it. And we had always eyeballed the teriyaki chicken wings, but they are teriyaki. So maybe we weren't thinking straight. The FP got the beef sinigang and the teriyaki chicken wings. I got the goat and the beef kare kare.

So, then, we go to get our condiments, and the FP looked all tense. He didnt' see any hot sauce. So I asked the lady, and she pointed over to where the condiments are. I said, yeah, I didn't see any. She had to look for herself. Is that a filipino trait? To not trust anyone and have to investigate everything for oneself? Because I know I do it, and my whole family does..... Anyway, she went to the side where there's a bunch of dry storage stacked up, 4 rice cookers, to go boxes, etc. Then she went in the back, made a circle. Then she went back to the register and informed me that there was no hot sauce.

I thought the FP was going to flip the "f" out. He has wild mood swings especially in the morning before and after coffee. So I said, go to the store across and buy hot sauce. He calmed down, and dug into his sinigang.

It shut him up. It was tangy, the meat was tender. The veggies were just cooked enough to be tender but al dente. The rice is always good. That medium grain stuff cooked in those industrial sized rice cookers...

I took a taste of my goat. And then the memory came flooding back to me. Ketchup. Goat stewed in ketchup and maybe even more sugar. I put the garlic vinegar on it, but, no, it still tasted like ketchup.

I tasted the kare kare. Delicious. Once again, the meat was tender. The greens were good. The peanut sauce was just peanutty enough. Sometimes people make it too peanutty. I love peanut and peanut butter, but you don't want it to overpower everything else. What I do, is, I take a small portion, and I mix it with my rice. For some reason, I don't like to mix it all at once. Only in portions.

So I asked the FP how the wings were. He hadn't tasted them. So I took a bite of one. Sweet. Not much else going on there. Definitely needed more acid and heat, and well, there being no hot sauce, I didn't want to get the FP into a lather so I kept my mouth shut (figuratively, because you know I was busy shovelling food into my mouth).

So we ate the good half of our combos and took the other halves home, pretty much untouched. So we put them in the fridge and got back to the task of moving. The next day when I looked in the fridge, I saw that the leftovers were no longer there. And I know the FP didn't eat them. This is the first time in Tita's Kitchenette history that we have ever wasted food from there. Hopefully it will be the last. But part of being a food ho is trying things that I know might be a risk, right?