Good Old Fashioned Pork Porn....Giggity Giggity

Oh Baby!

So, I thawed out the pork roast and roasted it before work. OMG! IWSFDITIWSM! It was a couple of pounds. I think we ate it in 2 meals, maybe. Okay, I realize the pictures don't do justice. It looks dry, but, if you were only there.....

Roasted Pork Butt Lazy Ho Style

1 pork butt roast
4 cloves of garlic
2 oz Tony Chachere's Seasoning Salt
1 T oil
1 oven
1 roasting pan
1 sharp chef knife
1 very large plate
1 - 2 very large appetite(s)

So I'm not going to repeat this. It's very complicated so pay close attention. So what you do, is you preheat the oven to about 375. Then you slice the garlic into little slivers. You coat these little slivers with some Tony’s. If you don’t know what Tony Chachere’s Seasoning Salt is, just Google it in another web browser tab. I’ll wait. There, did you find out what it was? Okay, getting back to the task at hand. Make little slits in the piece of meat all around on both sides, like your mamma used to do. Take the seasoned garlic and jam it in the slits. Take the rest of the Tony’s and liberally coat the roast with it. Don’t be afraid. It will bite but it won’t make you bleed. Coat the roast with a little oil and drop it on the roasting pan. Throw the roasting pan in the oven. After about half an hour, turn the oven down to 325. When it’s done, take it out. You can use a thermometer – or you can wait til the juices run clear. I use the latter method because I never calibrate my thermometers….

So this is the hard part. Let that puppy sit for like a few minutes. You want the juices to redistribute back into the meat evenly. You can pull a piece off with your hand to get a preview, but don’t go hacking into it as soon as you take it out. Now after 5 minutes, take your very sharp knife and slice nice thin slices. What? You say you want a big hunk o meat? Well, then cut a big hunk. But then, that’s not following the recipe, is it? If you want, cut yourself a big hunk, and a sliver. Taste both. Tell me which is more rewarding and sublime to consume. If you say the big hunk… well then you’re just wrong. As for what to serve it with…whatever you want. We made a mélange of beans, onion, tomato and rice of course. It was pretty delicious as well.