Catching Up with the Food Ho Part 3

So, we've come to Christmas Eve! That was like 20 days ago... This is exciting though. I had to work, of course. I think I left work around 7 or so. So I got home, and the FP had started a lot of prep for Christmas Day. But he was cooking Christmas Eve dinner.

Let me bring you back to Christmas Eve dinner in Nola. We had this few year tradition we had developed of going to Ding How, arguably the best Chinese restaurant for ordering from the menu, not dim sum. So we went one year with Mr. CWS (he hates this nickname), and we went another with my sis. These were great nights. Very festive in an A Christmas Story kind of way. We had the roast duck, which was pretty much always good there. I think of those nights with that soft gauzy film filter...

Anyhoo, this past Christmas Eve, we had snapper. Delicious snapper. Whole. So the FP sauteed some ginger, garlic and jalapenos. He put that snapper in the hot pan, flipped it, and threw some cabbage in, sesame oil and soy sauce. Then some mint and slid it in the oven. OMG. We had a beer or two on the landing, then we came back inside and pulled that fish out of the oven, perfection!