nola, part 1

So, I need an assistant. It took me a long time to download all those pictures to the computer. Now I have to write about them too?

So, we went to New Orleans. No...not for Mardi Gras. We just got there on Thursday, conveniently missing all the festivities. Of course the beads were still in the trees. Those never go away. Even after hurricanes they are still dangling from bare, limp branches.

Our friend, Lil Metry Fireman got married on Saturday. He thought it would be a great idea to get married the weekend after Mardi Gras. He put the Food Pimp in the wedding to make sure we didn't ditch on the wedding.

So this is going to be a multi part series.

Enough with the intro. Everyone's asking, isn't this blog about food?

Exhibit 1.a The FP's lunch in Denver Airport. Chips and Salsa, chili. Okay. It was like Tostitos salsa. I loved that shit when I was in college because that's all I had ever tasted. The chili was... Hormel, maybe? Anyway, they both blew. The beer was some local Denver microbrew. The microbrew blew too, in my opinion. But this is all strictly my opinion, isn't it?

The worst hot dog in the world!!!!
So, I've had great experiences with hot dogs at airports. Really. So I thought, how bad could they fuck up a hot dog? Pretty fuckin bad. Note all my f bombs when I recall this fuckin hot dog. So, we ordered a little after 10 am. They weren't ready for lunch, of course. "Americans" or "whites" if you please, aren't ready for lunch generally speaking, until 11 am at the earliest. They can eat breakfast 24-7 though. Why is that?

Anyway, getting back to the worst cylindrical object that ever touched my lips...
They must have had it left over from the previous night. You know those age old dogs spinning on the hot dog roller at the 7-11, this was one of those. This was like the hot dog in the Seinfeld episode that Kramer eats at the movie know that one. It had more wrinkles than a tour bus to a casino. It had more wrinkles than this guy:

So, if I'm not getting my point across, this hot dog was THE WORST HOT DOG IN THE WOOOORRRRRLLLLLLD!!!!

And we were already out $35.