So, we're in Boulder. My sis' performance was quite impressive. So was my nephew's performance later that night. At bedtime, he cried for like 3 hours. I guess he did that whenever mommy had been away all day long. He just wanted to make it clear that he when he thought she wasn't around enough. So I got about 4 hours of sleep at best that night. Coming off several days of 2 - 5 hours of sleep. So we woke up and slowly got ready for brunch.

We walked down to Lucile's - a New Orleans style restaurant. So we were on the waiting list. We sat outside on the bench and waited. Of course, there was this pretty shiny red bike that happened to be exactly my nephew's size by the side of the restaurant, not locked up or anything. So of course, he had to want to ride it. He kept trying to get it off the curb, and kept almost falling, of course. So Mommy had to keep pulling him away, but every chance he got, he was back over there. The hostess kept calling people that were not there anymore. The nephew kept throwing mini tantrums. He was tired, of course. So was I. I wanted to throw a tantrum too. But I didn't. Because I'm 33 years older than him. It was his prerogative, not mine.

So finally, the hostess called our name. I'm sure she was thrilled about that. So the place is like an old house converted into a restaurant. Very New Orleans. There were like 3 different rooms with tables, kitchen in the back. We sat at the big round table in the corner, very close to the 2 tables on either side. Very cozy. The highchair was between my chair and mommy's. Which meant I was probably going to have to play goalie at sometime and stop him from getting past me.

So the menu was pretty New Orleansy brunchy. That was cool. I really wanted the shrimp and grits, but at the same time, I wanted some fruit. I had so much meat and starch the day before, that I kinda didn't want a huge plate of starch in my digestive system. So I pussed out. I got the french toast. Of course, as I look at my pictures, I forgot to take a picture of my food. Mine was probably not as exciting anyway. But it was what I wanted. Pain Perdu. French toast made from baguette. The egg custard was really thick and the bread didn't get very toasty. The bread was a little chewy. I think I am so used to SD french toast now, that eggy french toast is now a foreign concept to me.

Here is what San Diego french toast is like. They like make the egg and milk mixture pretty runny. So there is a quick dunk of the bread in it - usually some thick bread like challah. Then into the buttery frying pan. So it's like eggy toast. Whereas I was used to toasty egg growing up - where there is so much thick egg in the custard that it soaks into the bread, but it also surrounds the toast in a pillow. Anyway, I don't mind the San Diego style french toast anymore. But I still like old school french toast. I do like the bread to be easy to eat, though. My teeth are getting old, and I don't chew as well as I used to.

It's all about the syrup, anyway. God, this syrup was good. I couldn't figure it out. I think it was like raw maple syrup? I don't want to say definitively what I thought it was, because I'll sound like a douchebag if I'm wrong. Anyway, it was like caramel sauce. It really made the french toast. If they had served it with Aunt Jemima it would have sucked (sorry, AJ!). And then the fruit was good. It was fresh and ripe - blueberries, grapes, strawberries, tangy pineapple.

This was the nephew's brunch. So the server said that kids usually get oatmeal, or fruit or whatever. So my sis ordered oatmeal and a side of fruit for him. She didn't realize there would be a side of fruit on the oatmeal! These were definitely New Orleans portions! As you see in the picture, he preferred the strawberries. He wasn't really into trying the oatmeal. He was jumping around, sitting on Mommy's lap, sitting in the backpack carrier between Mommy and Auntie Em. So at some point, Mommy had to quickly say, open wide and shove a spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth. He didn't like it. He sat with it in his mouth for a couple minutes. I think he ended up spitting it out though. He liked the fruit though. Oh, and the biscuits!

Mommy got a biscuit with her already huge plate o starchy goodness. And it was a giant of a biscuit. It was almost like crumb cake. Not flaky, but crumby in a good way. The nephew loved it because it was kinda like a cake. He kept picking at it. He must have eaten a third of that big bad boy.

So what did grandma get?

Eggs Jennifer
Thomas’ english muffin, spinach, tomato, avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise. Served with grits or potatoes.

Cutting and pasting is so helpful to the lazy! Remember in the olden days when one had to be able to program computers in able to do anything cool?

So here it is. This was a lovely dish. Not a big fan of hollandaise, but it was nicely executed. Avocado, spinach, english muffin - such a nice layering of flavors and textures. The grits were kinda boring though. Grits need cheese in my opinion. Yeah, butter is a necessity, but without the cheese, it pretty much a snore.

My sis' shrimp and grits had plenty o cheese though, and porky products too!

This of course, was the best thing! The grits were perfect. Buttery, cheesy, andouilley. Nice and fluffy. Yum. And the shrimp were tasty too. They were flavorful, not just chewy pieces of iodine, like sometimes is the case. Love the shrimp and grits! Could go for some now!

And then, Middle Sis, or Aunti Em's brunch. Love her. Of course, it's very hearty, and it has porky product! Ham and eggs. And homefries. Smoky sweet ham. Fluffy eggs. Very browned homefries. But she liked it. She put a good showing on.

So we took our time, slowly putting it away. The nephew kept jumping around and under the table, stood on the window sills, balanced on the high chair sides. That's his thing. Balancing. I was told that he stands on the rails of the playpen, no shitting! So yeah, he was standing on the sides of the highchair, and Mommy and Auntie Looks Like Mommy held his hands on either side. He's gonna be a circus freak for sure, when he grows up!

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