Jefe de Cocina Latino dos

So what did we eat at Latin Chef? That was the post on August 6th. So stop right here and read it. I'll wait while you read.

Did you read it?

Food. Good food.

Corn nuts. I'm sure there's a spanish name for them, but I'm kinda lazy to look it up. It's a miracle that I'm even writing this blog, so just be happy with this. I started this post 2 months ago.... Okay, I looked it up. Canchitas. Happy?

Seabass ceviche with big huge slices of sweet potato and hominy. This was really good. It's like all seabass. And it was tender and partially cured, which is nice if the fish is fresh...and it was.

So this was a fried fish dish with a tomato sauce. Once again, I don't know the name of it, and I'm not sure how to look it up. I don't know how to narrow it down to find the name, so let's not worry about details today. So this doesn't look too appetizing in my opinion. I look at it now, and it doesn't make me hungry. I remember looking at it when we got it and thinking, boy that was a mistake. But then I tasted it. I forgot that anemic looking peeled tomatoes can still impart a lovely taste to other foods. It was really good. The fish was freshly fried, so it wasn't completely sogged out, and the sauce was good. The rice was nicely cooked too.

So of course we had to get lomo saltado too! What kind of Peruvian meal would be complete without it. Once again, one of the things that make lomo good is the sauce. The tomato kind of... perfumes the yummy lomo. The lomo itself was flavorful, and not too chewy, although we ate this a long time ago, so my memory may be faulty. But this was a very nice dish.

So there was something annoying that happened. I think the chick serving us was annoying in some way. I believe there was this guy at the counter that she was chatting with when we first walked in. So I think she took a while to take our order, a while to deliver it, and when we asked for hot sauce she didn't give it to us because as soon as she walked back to the counter she started talking to him again. She's lucky this is not fresh in my memory because I'd probably be really nasty about it. I'm basically letting her off the hook.

And the FP hates it when I don't mention him in these. So,

Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp Food Pimp



caninecologne said…
hi there FH!
that's cool you guys, wait, i mean, you and the FOOD PIMP, went to latin chef.

i really like their food, although it does take a while sometimes. was the waitress Asian? did you meet the owner? he's pretty cool and will answer any questions you have about the food and ingredients.

the corn nuts (canchitas) are pretty good but i wish they were in a washable type container. they are in tiny little finger tip baskets. you dip your fingers in to get some nuts (insert dirty joke here), then put them in your mouth. then repeat, but this time, your fingers now have mouth germs. repeat until you reach the bottom of the empty baskets, which i don't think are washed. yummmy! that being said, i'd still eat them in the baskets, but would prefer they were in a plastic or glass bowl.

their food is worth the their yellow sauce on their aji gallena. they had some good fried fish!

today i went to tropical star with a friend...mmm, columbian potatoes!

word ver:
(almost like tarea which means homework in spanish)
KirkK said…
Hey FH.... and FP, FP, FP! It does seem that the service at Latin Chef is really.... kinda like Mom and Pop places in Peru. I think the reason the Lomo tastes so good is that Freddy uses Huacatay from his own stash. Too bad they don't make Tiradito anymore! BTW, where's the Antichuchos?????
caninecologne said…
hey kirk and FH
bert and i tried anticuchos as the international food fair at balboa park earlier this year. i was expecting a big old heart on a stick, but it was cut into sanitized looking strips. i wanted something nice and gorey. ha ha.

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The Food Ho said…
CC - we were in another restaurant recently with a basket for chips or something, and I was thinking about the sanitation factor and how you can't wash that stuff, but I suppose we eat all kinds of stuff we don't know about. That's too bad about the neatly cut heart strips! If you order heart, you probably aren't that squeamish and know what you're getting, right?

Kirk - I suppose most ethnic restaurants are not known for their great service, right? But it's part of the's just annoying when one is starving!