Old Italian

So, one of the old school restaurants in Lakeland, FL that church groups, school glee clubs and little league teams would go to is CDB on Memorial Blvd. That area is anything but thriving, but CDB is still open. I had never been there. But the Wednesday after I had arrived in town, that is where we went for lunch. For those of you who didn't read the previous blog, my mom had a stroke, so I had flown in to see her. This was our first family meal - excluding my mom and the Food Pimp and the nephews. My 3 year old nephew had gone to stay with his other grandparents in Orlando. So, I really don't think we've ever, EVER gone out to eat without my mom - my dad, my two older sises and me. There would have been no reason or occasion for that. So, there we were. My dad never really ordered for himself. My mom always ordered for him. She would either pick his entree, or give him choices to pick from. This time, he was on his own. So, of course he had soup. So the choices of the day were tomato bisque or vegetable. So I chose tomato bisque for him, vegetable for myself. That way, if he didn't like it, he could have mine. He seemed fine with the bisque.

So, at this point, I think I should stop and give everyone the coveted/despised nickname. Maybe I owe it to my family to call them more than sis. But you know, there's such a responsibility with giving aliases, that more often than not backfires on me. Oh well, that's kinda my thing.

My bro in law - Creepy Uncle H - He kinda gave himself this name. To be discussed in a later blog entry.

My middle sis - I shall call her Buffalo Rib - the Food Pimp and I like to eat buffalo wings and bbq, and we know that my sis and her hubby do too, and she's also a strong person in general... strong, like buffalo rib!

My oldest sis - Openheart - she's very passionate and sensitive and she wears her heart on her sleeve

My nephew - Duwende - this is so perfect for him. These are mythic philippine creatures. They are little house elves who can be benevolent or mischievous, they get angry if not fed, they take your posessions and hide them, or they can be helpful.

The "landlady", the friend of my mom's who my parents were renting a bedroom from until their house was finished - we'll call her Martha - she's a patriotic lady with a flag in her yard and flag designed house keys.

My dad - Big Boy - seems pretty appropriate for him. (He's about 4'8 and shrinking)

So getting back to the food. The vegetable soup that I got:

It was flavorful. It tasted like a little old Italian lady was in the back stirring a big cauldron of soup.

Openheart got the salad - one of those nice looking italian jobs...

Of course, the old school plate of garlic bread came with the starters

So for grinders, I think we got either italian sausage

Or I got the Milano - cappicola, ham, genoa salami, olive salad, and cheese

So we had a pleasant lunch. Then back to the hospital. At some point we went to Home Depot or Lowe's or both. These are like my dad's two favorite stores. I know, that's how all dads are. But I sometimes think he wanted to build a new house, just so he had excuses to go into these stores every day. Anyhow, he had become obsessed with weatherstripping. He liked the weatherstripping that Martha had on her patio doors, and he wanted to see if he could find similar weatherstripping. He already had weatherstripping on the windows and doors, maybe not ther front door for some reason, but he just wanted to look for it, for some reason. A sales associate came by and asked if we needed help. Big boy tried to explain to the guy what he wanted. The guy called for an associate from that department and left us. That way Big Boy got to mumble about how they don't know anything there. So another guy came, and he said, whatever they had there on the floor was what they had. Of course, not the stuff my dad wanted. So we left. That was fun.