blast from the past

So, randomly, a long time before I had this here little old food blog, I used to scribble down meals and notes that I never "published". So, since I don't have any new experiences, I thought I would delve into the past.

So, on our honeymoon the Food Pimp and the Food Ho - we were merely food sluts at the time - went to Spain, Madrid and Barcelona.

In Barcelona we stayed at the "Ilton Otel", as the cabbies would pronounce it. It was very posh,the FP's dad had points or something so he got us the room for cheap. So, one night, we asked the concierge where a good restaurant was nearby. So she told us to go to Telerium on Diagonal 656.

So, that's where we went. Here's my notes

part of a big conglomerate of restaurants - looks very Eurotrash - like in a movie. Modern chairs, tables, table runners - not whole linens. Lights in floor, lots of big groups. Menu was very large! Lots of sweet & savory balance.

Mille Feuille cod & vanilla potatoes - vanilla egg (like creme anglaise) sauce & raspberry.

Foie gras terrine - 11E! With "crystallized veg"

Baby Zucchini attached to blossoms, stuffed with seafood cake and saffron & some sweet (caramel sauce) - very rich

Pig trotters, shrimp in ?(FP thinks bean curd) w/raspberry sauce?

Rose champagne

Hake & crystallized veg

Fresh cheese (like ricotta - quesa fresca), napoleon with rice cake thin triangles, bitter chocolate ice cream

So, I remember this experience being just very... informative. We had not really eaten much trendy food. But we liked it. There was so much sweet with the savory, that I have a feeling today it might be over the top for us. But it was a unique dining experience for us.

The next day we had lunch at the Boqueria Market off of La Rambla. I believe this was the day it was raining. So, we walked around the stalls and planned our strategy. We got

Fresitas! Looked sour, pale, small - like candy - best ever strawberries

So I take it they were wild strawberries

Then we also got manchego seco, ciabatta- like sandwich bread, chorizo pimento and mixed olives in herbs, and we made ourselves sandwiches. I remember we were hovering in a corner next to the garbage, and the rain, but this was one of the most contented moments of my life. And if you know me at all... you know I'm not content very often or very easily. I'm not gonna say I'm high maintenance, it's just that I'm never satisfied, and things have to be exactly the way I want them, and it's hard to let go if something isn't the way I envisioned, and I expect more out of people then they tend to give me...but no, I'm not high maintenance.

Another memorable treat... also from Barcelona, helados. We got mango and roquefort ice cream. And some people might not have the tastmagination to believe, that it was a beautiful combo. Really. The blue cheese ice cream was marvelous, and not weird at all!

We had manchego, serrano, mussels, razor clams, sea snails, bacalao, zarzuela, arroz negra - that was delicious but really salty, oysters - very briny, and paella, of course. For the most part, it was so delicious.

And there were the tins of foie gras and devilled ham. To tell you the backstory, one night the FP got a little sick of spanish cuisine and so we went to an indian restaurant. This possibly could have been a bad move, because he got foodborne illness like that night. So we had to prolong our stay in Barcelona, we stayed one night in Zaragoza, then we finally made it back to Madrid. So, one day, I went to the "24 hora store" - which closed at midnight - and I got a "tin" of foie gras and a tin of devilled ham. I mean, you know, like the devilled ham they have in the grocery store that we used to eat when I was a kid. Except, it was spanish devilled ham and foie. And they were both delish! We gobbled up both pretty fast, even though the FP still had a weak stomach. Nothing cures food poisoning like devilled ham!!!

And, then, there was BOTIN. This is one of those must go places. Yes, it is a tourist attraction, but it is legitimately a great restaurant too. So, it is supposed to be the oldest restaurant in the world. I feel like I've heard that claim a lot, but I guess what gives Botin the title is that it is the oldest restaurant that has been in operation since the day it opened in 1725. Here's my notes

Botin - Monday night in Historico Centro - very cool old restaurant - by guiness book of records oldest ever!

Old wood planks, old pictures, porcelain plates on wall. Serrano right out front. You can kind of see through doorway of kitchen. Old style service - waiters rolling table. (I didn't know enough back then to call it a gueridon? I knew more about culinary terms back then) Black sausage - big huge link - sliced & roasted? Fried? Very rich & crunchy. Garlic soup with egg. Brothy with bread. Garlic carmelized - not very garlicky taste at all.

Roast lamb - good, strong - bit salty

Roast baby pig - crunchy fat, soft rich meat - delicious. This dumb old American broad at a table across from us didn't eat the fat! She set it aside & ate the meat under it!! We had huge portions but smaller than the couple next to us. They ate all their black sausage - then pretty much polished off their lamb & pig & they had dessert too. I think they were English.

Well, there are other notes from Spain, but those were the highlights. Unfortunately, back then it wasn't as common to take pictures of food - and I didn't have a digital camera yet.