La Cougar's(aka the Vagasaurus) Garden Fresh Vegetables

So, I totally forgot to post these pics on the last blog. So the first one is the Cougar's veggies - see the nice curly cucumber? I thought CC might want to see that one! And that tomato - the one that the Cougar's holding next to her breatstasis in the second shot - we weighed it. It was 1.5 pounds! Just think how much that would cost at Whole Paycheck!!! Sadly, it was kinda gushy, and only one corner was edible. But she's got lovely vagetables... just lovely.


Dennis K. said…
Dang that looks like three tomatoes that fused into one!
caninecologne said…
holy shit, that tomato is a mutant!!!!

and yes, you thought right about the curved cucumber! ha ha!!!! perv!