Home Cooking

Generic commercial type homestyle asian green salad complete with fried chow mein noodles - man I loved those noodles when I was a kid - they were like exotic potato chips!

The neverending braised beef - it was pretty much like ropa vieja

I call this one 3 Yumminess

Sauteed veggies kinda like at Island Spice.

Christians and Moors - this reminds me of whenever the president or someone of importance speaks to an assembly and has people standing behind him (or her) in the camera shot... There's usually mostly rice, with a sprinkling of beans, and then they throw in one carrot shred and one cabbage shred in a prominent place .....

I call this one carnage on the cutting board. Steak with like a chimichurri deal slathered all over it. Note the habanero on the left top...

Beef and veggie "stew" - I'm not sure if that looks delicious or disgusting... something about the brightness of the image is unappetizing to me.

Beef Taco. Doesn't sound too exciting, but we never eat tacos at home, so it's exciting to us - apparently, this was eaten in the study