Yeah, I realize I haven't posted in over two weeks. Oh adoring fans please forgive me!!!

Anyway, I've been busy. Sleep and work. Last week was this thing called San Diego Beer Week. So it's a big deal. We have lots of world class breweries right here, so they have a 10 day event all over the city celebrating beer and the brewers who conceive this wonderful local brew. So, not only were we busy with beer week events, but for some reason, every birthday, shower, business lunch, etc, had to be sometime in this 10 day period.

So to get back to the food blog at hand...

Guess where this heart attack waiting to happen is from?

Lomo saltado - always delish - with double starch! And the way they saute in the tomato makes it extra special.

Arroz con Camarones - there's the veg I was needing - salad on the side!

Morcilla con Arepa - yum! So yes its blood sausage, but if you didn't know that you would just think it was rich fatty yummy crunchy on the outside sausage.

Another picture of the sausage - I only left it up because my blog publisher is acting strange today and I can't delete it.

Relleno de Yucca - crispy and crunchy and filled with meaty goodness!

Tropical Star, dummy!!!!
So, Tropical Star, for those unfortunates who don't know, is a tiny little latino grocery/restaurant. There's a teeny kitchen and you order at the counter. Anyway, we were at the zoo discussing where we wanted to go for lunch. So I said that I needed vegetables. Then I said I just needed to go to the store and get lettuce so I could have salad as a snack before band practice, so I could eat whatever for lunch. Then the Food Pimp said Arby's. Because I had eaten at Arby's the week before and I had enjoyed it. But it didn't seem right. Our Monday lunches are very important, so they have to be a sure thing or a great adventure at least. So, Tropical Star is both. So that's where we got this meatfest. So delicious. So meaty! The beans with the shrimp were cool, but that was my only gripe!! I guess I don't have a picture of the yummy caramel cookie that we got for dessert. It was so rich and gooey with dry wafer cookies...


The Food Ho said…
caninecologne said…
hi FH - a few weeks ago i wanted to use our tropical star coupon. the damn place was closed on a sunday. so we went to honey's cafe (same street just waaaay farther down) which doesn't even compare to that latin american goodass food. anyhow, i need to get to tropical star again soon! i love their pastellilos and their tostones!